Friday, November 23, 2012

My Wishlist

I am, like many of you I'm sure, a complete tool junkie. There's nothing quite like opening up a parcel contain a new tool that I've been saving my pennies for and seeing all the possiblities it brings, all the new designs it can help me create. I'm very lucky to have my own studio, a 8' by 12' shed in our back garden that my wonderful partner has fitted with insulation (very important at this time of year!) and electricity, and I have many many tools in there of all different shapes and sizes and ages. I have my favourite tools, quite a few of them inherited from a friend's parents, such as my Favourite Hammer (yes, that's it's official name - even my jewellery students refer to it as that!) which gives me the great texture you can see on these clasps and on the pendant below:
Feathered Pendant - Botswana agate and sterling silver
However, no matter how many tools I have I'll always be tempted by more, and these are the tools on my current wishlist - well, some of them, anyway!

From top left to bottom right:
And top of my wish list - you can choose any 10 designs from a long list! Stamping tools set

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  1. Well I think I need those dimple forming pliers... Although they do look like something the dentist would use!

  2. ummmm...yes, they do, don't they?! Mind you, so does my pendant drill!


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