Friday, November 23, 2012


Don't miss out on all the goins on, read to the bottom before you move on!
I'll be giving away this Large 2 sided Ammonite Focal,
Comment HERE to enter.
There's more!!!!! Keep on reading!!!!

I'm also offering 15% on everything in my
This includes Components and/or Finished Jewelry.
Tomorrow Black Friday through Cyber Monday
November 23-November 26
Use Coupon Code
at checkout

for the next 30 minutes use Coupon Code
to receive 30% off for the next half hour only.
After that it use the previous coupon code for 15% off for the rest of the day.

Check in throughout the day for all the Holiday Open House activities going on,
 recipes, giveaways, discounts and just alot more fun!!

Do not comment on this post to enter the giveaway
Click HERE to enter!


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