Monday, November 26, 2012

Mismatched Monday: Frosty Gears

A week after Hurricane Sandy messed up my home state of NJ we had a snow storm.  My brother didn't get nearly as much snow as I did but he captured some nice photos in his area (Thanks Joey!).  This early snow inspired my latest pair of earrings, "Frosty Gears".
A little Steampunk and a whole lot winter, these icy earrings feature some fabulous art beads!

Enameled gears and lampwork beads: SueBeads
Mini ceramic dot beads: Elaine Ray
Crystals: Fusion Beads
I made the earwires by hand out of 20 gauge sterling silver wire from Monsterslayer.

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  1. Okay I am in love with these!!!!!!!

  2. These earrings are so wonderful! I can't stop looking at them. Thanks you for the inspiration.

  3. Love them! Great job! You make my work look great!

  4. Beautiful earrings and they do capture the wonder of that first snow. Excellent!

  5. Love these! I haven't been brave enough to try the mis-matched thing yet, but this might have convinced me...


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