Friday, November 16, 2012

Freeform Friday: Faeries & fantasy...

FaerieCon, you ask? Yes! Its a fantasy themed convention held in early November in Baltimore. Having attended and exhibited there myself for 4 years now - I wanted to introduce you to a few artist/jewelers I happen to know. ( And while they aren't making components, only finished work, I felt you would appreciate their creations.)

Mystic Swan is the work of artist Sharon Berkan-Dent. 

"The creation of fantasy jewelry is my passion and can help the simplest outfit make a statement. It is an expression of self and human’s creative nature." 

Her wearable sculptures are sculpted in wax with incredible detail. I worked in wax in Art School - and the detail Sharon achieves boggles my mind. Her photo essays depict each step of the process: 
From her site: original pencil drawing and wax sculpt in progress . 
Dragon Trio necklace - WIP shop above is the dragon on the far right. 

These pieces are Lost-wax cast: the wax original is melted out of the plaster mold! Truly one of a kind... then molten sterling poured in... and so much cleaning! I cant say enough about the quality and the workmanship of her pieces. I enjoyed chatting with her,  she is a talented and charming woman!  I have been eyeing her pieces for years now; there may be a hatching dragon calling my name...

Her Twig Fairies are ethereal, and oh so magical!

Molly Stanton of Elven Elysium

"My sculptural art focuses on otherworld and mythic themes. From the faerie spirits who are so deeply a part of the land to the mythic figures of Persephone, Daphne, and others; my work illuminates the underworld journeys of the soul... "
Molly is another jewelry artist, sculpting mythic themes. Polymer is her preferred medium. Again - intricate detail in her work. Many of her wearable sculptures feature a large cab set amidst the sculpted polymer elements. Embellishments are added in the way of gems, charms, seed beads...


Tree of Life necklace. 

Molly is also a sculptor - her artist dolls are simply breathtaking. They are alive in movement, glance... and each one is so unique, capturing a spark of the magic.
Yes - I love the gingers!

I know this post is brief, and for that I apologize. But I wanted to share with you some of the fantastical fantasy inspired artists I have the pleasure to meet and to know. An eye candy post cant be bad! Please check out their shops if you are interested, and you can find them on FB as well. Thanks for sharing my love of the fantastic fantasy artists...

Elven Elysium: site & FaceBook
Mystic Swan: shop and FaceBook


  1. Oh, dragons! I love dragons!

    Really beautiful fairytale/fantasy jewellery -- thanks for showing me some fab jewellery I hadn't seen before!

  2. I have always wanted to attend, but never have. Which seems to be the story with and any con. Anyways, The pieces are beautiful.

  3. Wow! What amazingly detailed work!

  4. I feel fortunate to have seen both their works in person and to have taken a workshop taught my Molly. Maybe one day I can come home with one of those awesome dragons.

  5. Lady Grey - you wont regret it! Hope you get to attend some day!

    Diana - I know ... the dragons!

    We are all in this together, its good karma to share the love.

  6. What a fun post! I thoroughly enjoyed it - I'm a total fantasy geek!

  7. Interesting blog! I love the tree of life piece.

  8. Incredible work those ladies do. I would have a difficult time not spending lots of money at their booths. Wow!


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