Friday, November 23, 2012

Lovebirds - Holiday Decoration Tutorial

Every year I make a new set of Christmas decorations, one for me and one for my parents, and each year I try to come up with a new design. Over the years as my hobbies have changed the decorations have been made from fabric, polymer clay, clay and wood, but they have always included beads somewhere. Above is my design for this year - a combination of the lovebirds I enjoy making into charms and clasps and, of course, beads. The lovebirds and hearts, together with the wire you need to wrap the beads and make a hook, are available as a kit in my Daisychain Extra shop from today, and here is how I completed the decoration above - although you could of course add more beads or leave the beads out altogether!

You will need: a Lovebird decoration kit, beads to complete the kit, a short length of ribbon, round nosed pliers, wire cutters, nail file, hammer, bench block and a small mandrel - a pen barrel is ideal.
  1. Use 0.6mm wire to create a rustic wrapped loop through the bottom hole in the larger lovebird by leaving a longer than usual tail when forming the loop and wrapping it back over itself. Thread a bead onto the wire and form a rustic wrapped loop below. 
  2. Repeat the step above to add another bead below the first, this time attaching the smaller lovebird below the second bead.
  3. Repeat to link the smaller lovebird and the heart charm with a third bead.
  4. Form a wrapped loop at one end of the 0.8mm wire and the rest of the wire into a U shape around a small mandrel. Use the nail file to smooth the end of the wire.
  5. Hammer the bend in the hook to strengthen it.
  6. Thread a short length of ribbon through both the loop in the hook and the jump ring in the top lovebird, double the ribbon over and secure with a knot. Alternatively, attach the hook straight to the jump ring.
  7. Hang from your Christmas tree!
Kits for smaller decorations with just one Lovebird are also available:

Most of my Christmas decorations are handcrafted, either by me or by other artists - and I also have a growing collection of decorations made by my young sons! If you are looking to add more handcrafted goodies to your tree have a look here for more inspiration!

Top left to bottom right:
Bronze snowflake charm by Lesley Watt
Sleepy Rudolph bead by Rebekah Payne 
Shimmer beads by Sue Kennedy 
Snowflake ornament by Karen Totten

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  1. WHen I'm travelling I either buy fridge magents or Christmas ornaments... My fridge is pretty much covered... but there is always room for another ornament!

  2. What an adorable ornament! I love it. Sometimes I make ornaments, but our biggest tradition is to buy an ornament or something that can be made into an ornament wherever we travel. So every year when we put up the tree, we have so many fun memories of our travels.

  3. Travel ornaments - I like that idea!

  4. I love this little ornament in fact I wish I could go grab that kit right now!

  5. OOPs I need to finish my statement I would go grab this kit right now if wire liked me at all! LOL

  6. OoohhhhI love those small ornament kits! My daughter just loves birds. I posted it on Facebook to show my son in law, who spoils her rotton. Wonderful!

  7. This is just exquisite Jo! The kit would make a great present for a crafty person, although I'd be loathed to give it away :)

  8. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you like them. I've just made a couple of dozen as presents for the family!


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