Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's Oh So Quiet...

Shhhh Shhhh...

The tumbleweed is blowing around the AJE HQ today as so many of the team are well on their way to Bead Fest, some as vendors, some as helpers and some as lucky shoppers. I however am stuck on another continent feeling much aggrieved that I can't be there to meet up with all my stateside beading buddies. It's on my bucket list though and I will get there - one day...

It seems they didn't want me to miss out altogether so before they left they very kindly send me lots of photos of the beads they would be taking with them...torture me why don't you! But they are very lovely beads and rather than keep them to myself I thought I'd share them here so those of you who can't make it either can suffer bead envy with me and those of you who are going can get a little preview and plan what you want to make a beeline for.

First up some fabulous lampwork focals from our esteemed leader Jen. If you've read her post from  yesterday you'll have seen how Jen plans to display these striking beads and I think they're going to look just fabulous....

Jennifer Cameron - Glass Addictions - Booth 559
Jenny has obviously been working her socks off to put together this lovely collection with loads of depth and variety - just how cute are those little Matroshka dolls..?

Jenny Davis Reazor - J Davies Reazor - Booth 461
Sue Kennedy also posted about her preparation this week and it looks like she's going to have a really stand out booth with all these gorgeous colourful lampwork pretties...sigh!

Sue Kennedy - Suebeads - Booth 463
Diana will selling these richly coloured daisy pendants and a new design of double sided leaf beads in some of my favourite copper and root beer glazes...hold on to a couple for me please Diana...!

Diana Ptaszynski -  Suburban Girl Studio LLC - Booth359
And last but not least, Karen has been working hard on some new designs including these adorable owl beads and pendants... I bet there are none of those left for me at the end of the show! You'll also find Woolywire at Karen's booth which she is sharing with her daughter Nellie - creator of this innovative  wire and fibre mix.

Karen Totten - Starry Road Studio - Booth 373
Well ladies - you've certainly put on a great show between you and even though I can't be there I wish you every success with your beads and hope you have a great time and a lot of fun. I will actually be going to a bead show on Sunday - a much smaller affair admittedly but I'm sure I will find some goodies to console myself with so all is not quite lost.



  1. I wish we could teleport you, or use the Floo network, or Beam you over in a transporter... ( Sorry. my Sci-fi/fantasy is showing!) Miss you... and I will save plenty for you...

  2. We will miss you not being there but you are part of us and we will be thinking of you!!!!

  3. Aw bless you Jenny and Kristen...I'm with you in spirit :0)


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