Saturday, September 14, 2013

Picking Flowers… on Etsy

It's no secret that flowers have been on my mind and filling my studio these past several weeks. And with summer quickly coming to an end (autumn is my favorite season and holds a special spot in my heart, but I still am always sad to see summer go) so, sadly, are the flowers and other growing things. I'm enjoying them while I can! And hoping to make a few more new beads too!

Yes, I love to make beads, but I also love to see the handiwork of other artists — few things are more inspiring — everyone has their own interpretation, yet we are basing it off the same inspiration. Maybe you're using the impression of nature itself, or maybe you are starting with the raw medium of your choice and carefully copying nature's design, giving it a new and stylized form — thankfully nature will not sue us if we copy its designs!

The bead artists of Etsy (a few of whom are my fellow blog writers here at AJE) always have something lovely to share. I hope you enjoy my picks today!

If you notice, the colors of my picks started with soft colors, then a pop of brighter colors, and finally turned to browns. I'm taking one last look at summer… and then I'll be ready for shades of autumn… and all the creativity that accompanies them.

(P.S. That oak leaf from suburbangirlbeads is now mine, all mine! :-) This autumn-loving girl couldn't resist.)

What has inspired you lately? Do you feel that your creativity changes with the seasons? Do share!


  1. I'm with you Rebekah!! Thanks so much for sharing our flowers and leaves! I'm drooling over all your choices!

  2. Absolutely beautiful grouping of flowers and leaves, Rebekah! I also love fall and hate to say goodbye to summer at the same time. But... it's always summer somewhere! Thank you so much for including my pendant.

  3. Lovely! Just in time for fall - the leaves are all gorgeous.

  4. Such beautiful items!! Autumn is my favourite season and this selection is just mouthwatering! Thank you so much for including my little daisy, x

  5. As much as I hate that winter comes after fall, I love creating for autumn. Wonderful picks!

  6. Loving flowers as I do. how inspirational to see these lovely works of art, I love to make flowers and am especially fond of ferns too. what a nice lift to my day thank you for sharing.

  7. Lovely bouquet of pics!
    Thanks so much for including my wild leaf cab!


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