Friday, September 20, 2013

Freeform Friday: Art Camping

Art Camping
Art Camping - thats what I like to call it. There is a tent, you hike your stuff in to your site, set up and hang out in the woods all weekend.

Some people call it Artsfest at Annmarie Gardens. (Seen here is my set up last year - early stages)

This week I was hit by a doozy of a head cold. And I have a show this weekend. I took Monday off and then started tackling the to-do list. Granted most of it got done Thursday - but I thought would share my experience with you...

This post and the whole week brought to you by copious amounts of coffee and "cool" Kleenex...

Since I am a highly skilled procrastinator - I spent what little energy I had early in the week making more stuff. I have new "Mythic Nature" ceramic pendants that hadn't been seen at this show last year, and I wanted to represent them in jewelry. And making jewelry - simple wire wraps is something I can design and create when I am low energy, and drink coffee simultaneously.

The work table on Wednesday. Yes, I am watching "The Chew" on my iPad. Don't judge. 

The guest room looks like a bead store exploded. Well, in some ways that's not far off... I had to switch out the trays of beads, pendants, etc with the trays/inserts of finished jewelry. I don't have enough, you see, so its musical trays.
Then there are the earrings I made in a frenzy a week or so ago. (I love to make earrings - not that you'd know since I never get them posted to the AJE earring challenge...) They have to be carded, labeled and priced.

This is my living room. I know it doesnt look like a huge pile but let me give you a tour: 
  • 1 tote ceramic sculptural shrines
  • 2 totes ceramic decorative tiles
  • 1 tote fabric and packaging material
  • the "office" box
  • small tote OOAK tiles
  • tent walls
  • wooden crate of frames and jewelry display items
  • 2 IKEA bags: large lucite risers/levels, table risers, pennant flags, cigar boxes/display, banner, bungees, blocks of wood.... 
  • Not pictured: tables, tent, chairs, hanging wire/mesh frames
Phew! I am tired just typing all that. I always stage upstairs the day before a show as all that lives in my basement and I have to haul it upstairs! (Clay is heavy.)

Necklaces need chains... 
Necklaces  labels and tags... 
 Needless to say I wont get it all done today (Thursday). As you read this I am traveling to my campsite - I mean the show, three hours away. (The good news is I stay with a friend - keeps costs down, fun and wine will be had by all. ) I will set up the booth Friday afternoon, and finish set up of my work Saturday morning. The site is secure, and it seems so civilized: stroll in with a coffee, naturally! on Saturday morning in your nice show attire, and have the heavy lifting done already. Just remove the Daddy long legs and replace with earrings!

Now - dont get me wrong - I am not complaining. I choose to do this. My previous career as a HS ceramics teacher? Chose that too. I love doing shows and talking with people, and the woods is a stunning setting, especially this time of year. But it is quite a bit of work...

To-go tupperware
I am sure I will be pricing things at my friend's house tomorrow night. I am sure I will be pricing things Saturday during the show. That's fine by me. I like having things to do - in fact I have this little Matroska ready to go... I think working on something/demonstrating is a great conversation starter!

So it Thursday night and I have more to do... let me just show you pix from last year... so you can picture me art camping this weekend! 

 Have a great weekend everyone! 



  1. What an amazing setting for a show! Your work looks perfect amongst the trees! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hope you have a great show! Remember your bug spray!

  3. Best wishes for your show and your full recovery. The idea of a show in the woods sound like an awesome experience.

  4. Thanks all! It was a great show this year - I will be posting some pix on my blog ASAP. The trees screened me from the worst of the rain Saturday; which thankfully held off til after close.

  5. I would love to see a show in the woods like that!!!


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