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To save you the frustration of trying to find those free tutorials you remember reading here and wishing you had "pinned", we will compile them for you here. Enjoy!

China Painting - Caroline Dewison

Rolo-Chain-Style Links for Larger Holed Beads - Keirsten Giles

Beaded Drop Feather Earring Tutorial - Rebekah Payne

Spring Flower Bead Tutorial - Caroline Dewison

Making Your Own Texture Plates for Metal Embossing - Keirsten Giles

Stamp Doodling Part 2 -Rebekah Payne

QR Codes - Melissa Meman

Cigar Box Displays - Jenny Davies-Reazor

Finding Space to Make Jewelry in a Tiny Home - Keirsten Giles

Behind the Scenes at Tree Wings Studio: Stamp Doodling - Rebekah Payne

Spiral Play - Part 2 - Kristen Stevens

Throw out that expensive camera-Jen Cameron

Turning Photographs into Digital Etching Patterns-Keirsten Giles

Flower Tendril Earring Tutorial-Lesley Watt

Twins Addiction Tutorial (using Preciosa Twins for a beaded rope)-Kristen Stevens

Ruffled Wire Components-Melissa Meman

Lampwork Tutorial: Frit Twisties-Susan Kennedy

Make Your Own-Beaded Fringe Feather Focal-Rebekah Payne

Wooly Wire Pendant Tutorial-Linda Landig

Safer Silver Etching-Caroline Dewison

Quick Stack Disc Stack with Double Ended Headpins-Jen Cameron

Confessions (Creating Photo Backgrounds)-Keirsten Giles

Building a Raku Kiln-Caroline Dewison

Thinking In Color Part II-Francesca Watson

Annealing Shocky Glass-Susan Kennedy

Fun With Chain (and No Soldering!)-Keirsten Giles

Make Your Own-Wire-wrapped Feather Bracelet-Rebekah Payne

How did I not know about this? (Sticker Making for Sawing Metal)-Francesca Watson

Wire Wrapping Kumihimo Ends-Susan Kennedy

Production Work (Or, "I Must Be Out of My Mind")-Keirsten Giles

Beaded Wire Macrame Toggle Bars-Lesley Watt

Spiral Play-The Basics Part I-Kristen Stevens

Etching Revisited-Francesca Watson

Packaging-making Unique Embossed Bags-Caroline Dewison

Hosting a Destash Event-Linda Landig

Making Your Own Clay Cutters-Caroline Dewison

Three Super Simple Ball Chain Ends-Keirsten Giles

Ball Chain Ends Part II-Keirsten Giles

Cute Minimalist Gift Wrapping-Diana P.

Quick and Easy Beaded Bag Charm/Keychain-Lesley Watt

Freeform Friday: The Briolette Wrap-Jenny Davies-Reazor

Easy Earring Tutorial-Jen Cameron

Ornament Hanger Tutorial: Susan Kennedy

Simple Beaded Bead Tutorial-Caroline Dewison

Braided Bead Rope Tutorial-Lesley Watt

Inspired by Tulips; the Exploration of Creating a 3D Shape in Metal-Keirsten Giles

Etching with Transparencies-Caroline Dewison

BOC Funny Face Tutorial-Susan Kennedy

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tutorial-Jenny Davies-Reazor

Simple Sliding Bracelet-Caroline Dewison

The Perfect Organizational Tool + a Tutorial to make it more attractive-Tracee Dock

Lucky Charms-Melissa Meman

Button Closure Bracelet Tutorial-Linda Landig

Riveting with Wire-Caroline Dewison

Be Still! (or how to keep a shank style bead from twisting)-Melissa Meman

Patience is a Virtue: Mold Making-Caroline Dewison

Two More Pressed Flower Bead Designs-Rebekah Payne

Electroforming-Caroline Dewison

Ball Chain End Loops-Melissa Meman

Inside Outside Pressed Flower Beads-Rebekah Payne

Texture Texture Texture-Kristi Bowman

Wildflower Molds for Beadmaking-Rebekah Payne

Experiments in Coloring on Metal-Francesca Watson

Tutorial-Primrose Hill Earrings-Jo Tinley

Make Your Own Wire-wrapped Suede Tassel Bracelet-Rebekah Payne

Product Review and Tutorial for Using the Mighty Punch-Francesca Watson

Tips for Moving a Ceramic (and other) Art Studios-Karen Totten

Using a Bow Drill-Jo Tinley

Ornament Hanger How-To: Sue Kennedy

Fun With Wooly Wire (make a charm)-Diana P.

Tutorial: Fun with UV Resin-Diana P.

Whispers from Neverland (a tutorial on using Twins in Russian Spiral)-Kristen Stevens

Wire Macrame Earring Tutorial-Lesley Watt

Chestnut Brown Copper-Francesca Watson

Big Shot, the Sequel-Melissa Meman

Hearts and Flowers Tutorial-Jo Tinley

Polymer Clay How-To: faceted crackle beads-Rebekah Payne

Spring Flowers...Eye Candy and Tutorial-Melissa Meman

Plastered-Jenny Davies-Reazor

Embossed Lampwork Beads-Sue Kennedy

My Favorite Alternative to LOS-Melissa Meman

Making Hollow Beads-Jo Tinley

Polymer Clay How-To: Exotic Bloom Kaleidoscope Cane-Rebekah Payne

Embossing Metal with the Sizzix BigShot-Melissa Meman

Experimentation-Warm Pickle and LOS-Sue Kennedy

Three of my Favorite Polymer Bead Making Tips-Rebekah Payne

One of my Favorite Go-To Components (making a toggle using a copper washer)-Melissa Meman

Twisted Flower Bead Tutorial-Sue Kennedy

WoolyWire Bead Link Tutorial-Diana P.

The Making of Pie Beads-Karen Totten

More Adventures in Goldie Bronze-Kristi Bowman

Ear Wires...with a Twist!-Melissa Meman

Soldering Tips Part 1-Jo Tinley

Soldering Tips Part 2-Jo Tinley

Soldering Tips Part 3-Toggle Clasp Tutorial-Jo Tinley

Glass Headpin Earrings-Jen Cameron

Firing Copper Clay-Kristi Bowman

WoolWire Tutorial: How to Finish the Ends-Genea Crivello-Knable

Free-form Wire Fibula-Melissa Meman

Charm and Charm Again-Jenny Davies-Reazor

Using Scrap Copper to Create your own Elements-Jen Cameron

Winter Earrings-Sue Kennedy

Easy Winter Tree Cane Tutorial-Rebekah Payne

Creating Cute Stud Earrings out of Scrap Silver-Joanne Tinley

Polymer Clay Silverware Textured Beads-Rebekah Payne

Using Scratch Foam to Create Original Textures-Kristi Bowman

Double Headpins-Melissa Meman

Building an Ammonite Focal-Kristi Bowman

Enameling Pens Trial and Error-Melissa Meman

Step By Step Copper Yosemite Acorn Bead-Kristi Bowman

Jewelry Supply Shopping at the Hardware Store-Jenny Davies-Reazor

Creating a Ceramic Bead from a yard sale find-Marti Conrad

Writing a Press Release-Barbara Lewis

Getting Published-Barbara Lewis


  1. I am new to blogging, have been beading and now wanting to work with copper and lampworking. :-0
    Love your blog!

  2. Just found this page and feel like a kid in a candy store. My jewelry making is pure hobby and trying lots of different things. Gonna LIVE here!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Love this ...so happy I found this site and will spread the word

  4. Love your site and your clear instructions. THANKYOu!

  5. Love this site! Thank you for all the helpful tips and ideas!


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