Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easy Earring Tutorial

I made these super easy earrings a few months ago and thought I would share how to make them.

Earrings using my headpins and Diana P (Suburban Girl) ceramic discs.

I adore these very rustic discs that Diana P makes (find some here and here, here and here.). After making these earrings, I bought a couple more pairs because I love them so much.

To make these, you will need:

-Glass headpins by moi (Jen Cameron) that look their best when viewed from the top down (some look better from the side). I have no headpins listed right now, but probably about 50 of them sitting in a box in my studio if you're interested.

-Ceramic Discs by Diana Ptaszynski (Suburban Girl Studio)

-Ear wires (I used Vintaj)

-plus basic pliers, hammer and bench block. Possibly wire cutters 

Earring tutorial #aje #artjewelryelements #glassaddictions #lampwork


Just a warning, it will take longer to read the directions than to make a single earring.

-If you are particular about length, measure about 3/4" to 1" length of wire from behind head. Otherwise, eyeball it. The length is determined by personal preference and also how far from the edge the hole of the disc is.

Measure twice bend once. #aje #artjewelryelements #lampwork #glassaddictions

-Bend wire at the length determined in the last step. Gently fold wire into a U with the disc at the bottom of the U and glass head on the short wire side in the front of the disc.

Earring tutorial #artjewelryelements #aje #lampwork #glassaddictions

-Bend the end of the wire containing the glass head and cross it over the other leg of the U. Decide where you would like the wrap would be. Grasp both legs with needle nose pliers and wrap the head around the other leg until it's facing the front again.

Earring tutorial #aje #artjewelryelements #glassaddictions #lampwork

-It should now look like this:

Earring tutorial

-Then you will make a loop to hang from the ear wire. Bend wire to one side.

Earring tutorial #aje #artjewelryelements #glassaddictions

-Make loop using round nose pliers.

Earring tutorial

-Once you've done that, you will make messy wraps above and below the glass head. This adds an interesting design element and locks the head into place.

Earring tutorial #aje #artjewelryelements #lampwork

-I hammered the loop holding the discs and the loop holding the ear wires for this pair.

-Repeat for the 2nd earring.

-Wear them. Or gift them, if you can stand to part with them...

What do you think of the bark? It's my new photo prop. 

Have fun with this and show me what you make!

-Jen Cameron

Glass Addictions


  1. Love those pieces Diana made and I love your headpins. I've made a couple pair of earrings with the, .I'd love some more!!!!

  2. I love these earrings! This is a great way to use this type of headpin--I've always wondered how to show off the tops of them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm always looking for new way to use headpins!

  4. I love those discs! And the headpins are a perfect complement! Deceptively simple and what a great look!

  5. A beautiful combination. I was always making the mistake of trying to snug the head of the headpin too close to the disk and then it's all floppy but you solved that problem and it looks much better with the space you allowed. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for linking the tutorials...I missed this one for some reason! Now I know what I am going to do with my other headpins I have of yours!


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