Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pantone Spring 2015 Colour Trends

So the new Pantone colour trends for spring 2015 are out... I have to say I do tend to make what I like and don't really follow any trends, generally finding that there are only a few colours in this report that are 'me'. I'm actually quite liking this palette though because it comprises some more earthy hues and the beach/ocean tones that I favour. I'm don't work very much in pink or yellow but these versions don't offend me and I love Marsala - the colour of the year.

I had a quick look through my stock when I saw the report and found some things that slot very well into this palette including this cute little memory wire bracelet featuring a very 'with it' owl from Tree Wings Studio...

I've also just done a Raku firing with a batch of ceramic beads which turned out to be bang on trend...all totally planned of course!

The rest of the AJE team seemed to have a pretty positive response to the report too so I had a little nosey around some of their shops to see what I could find and, well, I found a lot.

Like me Jenny has the blues and browns covered but she also has some  lovely 'custard' pieces in her current range...

With her fabulous painted feathers and polymer clay beads Rebekah is rocking Tangerine amongst others...

Caroline and Kristi are already working the 'Strawberry Ice' to great effect in combination with the soft neutral earth tones...

Spring has already sprung in Diana's shop - just look at this luscious mix...

It seems to me that a large chunk of the Pantone palette could have been inspired by this fabulous necklace of Lindsay's - what a great colour combo...

The earthiness of some of these colours really comes through in Karen's work and I really like how these tones are working together...

And like Lindsay's necklace these Wooly Wire coils are just a perfect fit...

Linda is spot on with her colour combination in this single pendant...

And this ccollection of 'Classic Blue, Lucite Green and Aquamarine' from Sue is just heavenly...

So what do you think of this colour forecast then...does it make you smile and inspire you or does it make you groan with dismay...hopefully not the latter!  I've created an Etsy treasury to illustrate how some other bead makers and jewellery designers have used these colours in their work so maybe that will help with the inspiration - just click on the image below to view.

Happy designing for 2015!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

January COM winners!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The plethora of prizes is announced! 

The January Component of the Month/Use your Stash winners are: 

Niky - Silver Niknats
Lee - Strega Jewellry
Samantha - Wescott Jewelry
Melissa  - Bead Recipes
Kathy - Bay Moon Design
Becky - Becky Pancake Bead Designs
Yvette - Blue Kiln Beads
Shaiha - Shaiha's Ramblings
Karin - Ginko et Coquelicot 

Winners: you will be contacted  by your AJE team member - via email for mailing addresses and the like. Please watch your in box. Pieces will mail ASAP - taking into consideration holiday timing and general hectic time of year. Especially mailing overseas!!!

Reveal day: January 31st.

And now for a little Grinch-i-ness:  
(Opinions expressed are mine, and may or may not be shared by my fellow AJE members.) 
  • Email - there is nothing worse than having to delete someone from the give away list because they neglected to include their email. An oversight, but frustrating! 
  • Blog - to participate in the AJE challenges, its stipulated that you have a blog. It is an unspoken understanding that you blog be active. No post at all or  posts dates 2 years ago... these are not active blogs. I would say within the last 6 months is reasonable. Life happens; blogs get neglected... 
  • Names/blog identity - if I click on your comment and can't find you - I will search your name. If I can't find your blog - I take you off the list. Is it me, or is it frustrating when the blog never has the person's name? Anywhere? In the About section? If I am searching your name, I won't find your blog unless they are somehow connected. Just saying...  (I know this is my pet peeve, and others aren't so bothered by it. ) 

Which one will you receive? 

Having said all that... I need to clean house, blast the Holiday music and then look at MY personal stash. Its NOT too late to start fondling, planning, designing. Have a Merry! See you January 31st!