Monday, December 23, 2013

Cute Minimalist Gift Wrapping!

I love wrapping gifts but I always make a LOT of jewelry and ornaments each year so I don't want to spend a whole year just wrapping them.  This time, I modified last years wrapping to be even better and still remain quick and easy...and pretty!  (Sorry for the photo quality, there was NO sun out yesterday.)
The first thing you'll need are easy-to-assemble kraft boxes.  I purchased mine here but there are a lot of companies that sell them.
Assemble and stack all those boxes and then grab some festive scrapbook paper.  You'll need these self-sealing bags.  You can find them on Etsy, Ebay and several of the large supply companies.  Cut your scrapbook paper so that it is slightly smaller than the self-sealing bag.
 If you are making them for necklaces, cut two slits near the top.  For earrings, use a hole punch.
Next, grab your paper punches and punch out tags and a large decorative piece that will fit on the top of your box.  These punches aren't cheap, so use a coupon at the store if you need a new one!
Stuff some shredded raffia (available at your local craft store) into the box and lay your necklace on top.  Then close the box.
Use double-sided tape to attach the scrapbook cut-out to the top of the box.  (This makes it easy to remove so that the box can be re-used by the recipient in the future.)  Take some decorative twine or colorful raffia and wrap it around the box.  Don't forget to slide your tag on before making a bow!  Wasn't that easy?!?

Have fun wrapping gifts and Merry Christmas!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio LLC


  1. These look so festive! Lucky people who will receive them!!!

  2. Beautiful Diana! Looks like you had a lot of fun-the recipients will love opening these. I am all about thoughtful packaging. I use the same boxes, purchased from Nashville Wraps, and love them! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Happy holidays!

  3. They look awesome! And they would be easy to do.

  4. Great ideas. I like the flat boxes - they are great to save room in storage and in packing show supplies...

  5. Really pretty! I save old Christmas cards with nice designs and cut them out for recycled decorations like yours.... I really like that you use double-sided tape that allows the boxes to be re-used, too.

  6. Great tips! Have a wonderful holiday!


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