Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inspired by...Shells Found on the Beach

Did you see the entries for inspired by orchids blog hop? Did you forget to add your blog or forget to make something? You can still add your blog through Sunday evening of June 3.

I am currently relaxing in Captiva Island, FL which happens to be my favorite beach ever. Before you get upset with me, I admit I have hardly been to every beach in the world or even the United States. But I love this place. I love the Gulf of Mexico. I love that there are so many shells to pick up and explore, and wildlife to observe.

Unfortunately this time around I am unable to spend much time outside because I am temporarily taking a medication that will cause severe sunburn very quickly in this Florida sun. However, the house my family rented for the week has a screened in porch facing the ocean that runs the entire width of the house. In fact, I am writing from that location right now...listening to the waves and birds and feeling the breeze and smelling the salty air. Life really doesn't get much better than this. Here's my view taken with  my cel phone:

If I look to the right or left of our boardwalk, all I see is ocean. When the sun isn't so intense, I head down to the beach to walk or seek out shells. My walks with my camera are responsible for the inspiration photo:

Captiva Island Shells

-The blog hop for this photo will be held June 18, which gives you almost 3 weeks to create something inspired by this photo.

-Challenge yourself to use at least one handmade component. It can be made by you or by someone else. 

-On the day of the reveal, post the inspiration photo and photos of what you created based on the inspiration photo on your blog. Write how you were inspired by the photo. Tell us about the handmade component you used and why. 

-Add you blog post URL to the linky tools at the bottom of the AJE reveal post (instructions on how to do it are super easy and self explanatory once you click on the link for linky tools).

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-we are working on a button for you to grab for your blog. 

-Have people visit your blog

-This is meant to be a way to help everyone's creativity to expand and for self improvement and to get new visitors to your blog

-This is not a high stress situation. You do not have to commit in advance. You join when you are inspired and/or have time and want to challenge yourself. 

Now get creating! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspired by Reveal and Blog Hop

Today is the reveal for the art jewelry you made using this photo as your inspiration:

Orchids Jennifer Cameron glass addictions

Show us what you created. If you haven't finished (or even started....and yes, I fall into that category) you can join this blog hop up through Sunday June 3rd. 

How to join this blog hop:

1. Create something inspired by the photo and blog about it.

2. Copy the direct link to your blog post.

3. Come back to this post and scroll to the bottom where it says "This is a Blog Hop" below that is says: "You are next...Click here to enter." Click on it.

4. Follow the instructions to add your blog post.

5. To add the blog hop to your post, click on the "get the code here" below the thumbnails and below "what is a blog hop". Click it and copy the link provided to add the blog hop to your blog (this is in lieu of placing a list of blogs on your blog post and it updates itself automatically).

6. Add the link to your blog post in html mode and republish. 

Tomorrow we will post a new inspiration photo. Because I am currently vacationing in Captiva Island, FL, there's a good chance it will be inspired by my current surroundings...

Friday, May 25, 2012

An evolving business!

Our new logo!

Yesterday I was joking with Chris, one of the Painting with Fire Team Members, that I used to hate spend money on plastic bags for jewelry and little bits.  Today we're surrounded by plastic bags! LOL!

Here are a few photos of the new space for Painting with Fire Studio, 2428 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 (727) 489-6409.   Tomorrow we officially open our doors during the Grand Central District's Spring Fling, which will give me plenty of photo opportunities.  It's a flurry of activity at the shop.  The day started with me expressing my gratitude to the talented people I'm surrounded by and the moment ended with a group hug!  Young talent!

Yesterday I sold some jewelry!!!   That felt so good!  Two beautiful women, Kim Linder and Susan Herron, came strolling into the shop. They are the hosts of The Caregiver Hour radio show.  If you're in the Tampa Bay area, you can find it at 1250 AM WHNZ on your radio dial.  Kim picked up a couple of pieces and I'll be working on a necklace and bracelet for Susan.  Their visit was such a treat for me!

Here are a few photos ...

The original building

How it looks today!
Marilyn on the window of the studio space
The "goody" table that greets you when you walk in!

Toni Maddox, our Art Director and Community Outreach person, organizing the slat wall.

How can you go wrong when your day starts with a little paper mache!  Toni's dream for the front window ... 

... "balloon beads" for the colossal necklace that will hang in the window! 

I wish you all were here with me!  I want so much to share the excitement in person with you!  You know, St. Petersburg is a wonderful vacation destination ... and could offer the potential for a learning vacation!  I'll be back next week with more photos!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shells and Rocks

I collect things from the shorelines where I have lived. Shells, stones, feathers...

When I was small I was fortunate to live on or near the Gulf Coast. I have many memories and sensations of sand, sea and surf. The smell of salt water, the sea critters I encountered: crabs, starfish, and even dolphins. It was magical. This has been a source of inspiration for me...

Gulf Shore Days - me sitting on a rock

My friends  

Me and my sister  
Beachy Beads!

More Beachy Beads!

No less magical were the shores of Lake Superior - the largest fresh water body of water on Earth - we moved there when I was bout 9 years old. A true Inland Sea - full of majesty just as powerful as any salt-water ocean. Here I encountered places and stones of astonishing color and texture.

I have many memories of living in Lake Superior country...

Rock-strewn shores
Me, age 11 or 12

Me and my sister an... yes I really did run around barefoot all summer.

Me again, meeting Paul Bunyan at Hiawatha Forest...

My baby brother Jake asleep fishing, while one of the great ore boats passes - little does he know here, his little rock perch is about to be engulfed in a wave from the wake of this mighty ship. But don't worry, he survived and is perfectly okay now. :)

But mostly I remember the ROCKS - like the ones I collected at Agate Bay or Pictured Rocks shore. I was lucky to be able to return to Superior about 15 years ago to collect a few more... 



...polished by water

Superior-tumbled rocks

Rocks bathing in the watery froth of Superior

A glimpse through the crystal clear waters

Sorted rocks - amazing color!

I sometimes step back and wonder at how incredibly similar the shores of the Gulf Coast Ocean are to the shores of the Inland Sea - Lake Superior, or as I have come to know it:  Kitchigami.

Though I no longer have the actual shells I collected from the Gulf Coast, I do have several stones from Kitchigami. They are incredibly important to me, and they are my muse...

My collection: nature inspired forms, colors, textures

... my source and my creation

What are you sources of Inspiration?  I'd love to hear about them!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspired by... Eye Candy

Today's Eye Candy is to show you some possibilities to use in

Gorgeous Pink Cadillac beads by Donna Millard

Raspberry Pink Lampwork by Lori Bergmann

Pink Polymer Clay Saucers by Fanceethat

Hot Pink Polymer Clay Flowers by Tooaquarius

Porcelain Flower Charms by Karen Totten

Enamel Filigree beads by SueBeads

Pretty in Pink Sari Silk by DesignTalentDone

Noro Silk Garden Yarn AliceInStitches

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art Jewelry Buzz: Chasing the Ancient Look on a Budget (Mostly)

After my post two weeks ago about Ancient Beads, I thought I would explore sources to help achieve a bit of the look and feel of ancient beads without spending a fortune. For the most part, these are "trade" or other ethnic beads from around the world, most not truly "ancient", but very rustic and old feeling. Some are truly ancient, and at a reasonable price.

Here's a few shopping links you might find interesting...enjoy!

Soul of Somanya
(Thanks for this link Genea!)


LOTS to explore here...

The Bead Chest 
Too many links to list! The home page here has an excellent set of links on the left side: