Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inspired by...Shells Found on the Beach

Did you see the entries for inspired by orchids blog hop? Did you forget to add your blog or forget to make something? You can still add your blog through Sunday evening of June 3.

I am currently relaxing in Captiva Island, FL which happens to be my favorite beach ever. Before you get upset with me, I admit I have hardly been to every beach in the world or even the United States. But I love this place. I love the Gulf of Mexico. I love that there are so many shells to pick up and explore, and wildlife to observe.

Unfortunately this time around I am unable to spend much time outside because I am temporarily taking a medication that will cause severe sunburn very quickly in this Florida sun. However, the house my family rented for the week has a screened in porch facing the ocean that runs the entire width of the house. In fact, I am writing from that location right now...listening to the waves and birds and feeling the breeze and smelling the salty air. Life really doesn't get much better than this. Here's my view taken with  my cel phone:

If I look to the right or left of our boardwalk, all I see is ocean. When the sun isn't so intense, I head down to the beach to walk or seek out shells. My walks with my camera are responsible for the inspiration photo:

Captiva Island Shells

-The blog hop for this photo will be held June 18, which gives you almost 3 weeks to create something inspired by this photo.

-Challenge yourself to use at least one handmade component. It can be made by you or by someone else. 

-On the day of the reveal, post the inspiration photo and photos of what you created based on the inspiration photo on your blog. Write how you were inspired by the photo. Tell us about the handmade component you used and why. 

-Add you blog post URL to the linky tools at the bottom of the AJE reveal post (instructions on how to do it are super easy and self explanatory once you click on the link for linky tools).

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-we are working on a button for you to grab for your blog. 

-Have people visit your blog

-This is meant to be a way to help everyone's creativity to expand and for self improvement and to get new visitors to your blog

-This is not a high stress situation. You do not have to commit in advance. You join when you are inspired and/or have time and want to challenge yourself. 

Now get creating! 

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