Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Abundance of Tree Inspiration

When Caroline chose trees as the theme for September's challenge I was thrilled! I have been in awe of trees for a very long time. I have taken countless photos and have used trees as inspiration in my jewelry and fiber art for several years.
It wasn't until I sat down to make some jewelry for the challenge that I realized just how many items I had already created using trees/leaves as inspiration.
After completing the tree challenge I wanted to do another blog post so I could share the numerous pieces that I have created over the past 8-10 years with trees as my inspiration.
As you will see trees can be depicted in any medium. They lend themselves to hand stitching, machine stitching, creating leaves from copper, creating trees from wire, stamping in clay, stamping on fabric...The opportunity to use trees as inspiration in your art is endless!
                                            A few pieces of jewelry using leaves-
Brass Etched Leaf, Agate & Acorn Necklace
Hand Forged Copper Leaf & African Turquoise Necklace
Rustic Raku Leaf With Tibetan Agate & Glass Beads
And a beaded cabochon that looks as though you are peaking through hanging limbs at a misty pond.
Bead Embroidered Jasper Necklace Hanging From An Antler

You can etch copper with trees and encase in resin.
Etched Copper In Metal Bezel With Resin

                                     Trees can be embroidered by hand and beaded.
Detail Of Crazy Quilt
Fiber Collage With Ribbon/Embroidered/Beaded Tree
Felted Fiber Collage With Beaded Tree
Photo Printed On Fabric With Multiple Layers of Embroidery & Beads
Trees can be machine embroidered and embellished with jewelry type elements. These are close-ups of art quilts with trees as the central element.
"Keeper of the Woods' Art Quilt
"Can't See the Forest for the Trees' Art Quilt

                              You can use rubber leaf stamps to print on fabric or paper.
                              I used the same hand-carved stamp for both of these pieces.
"Spring Revival" Art Quilt

"Central Park Player" Mixed Media Collage
Or you can actually use leaves to paint and print onto fabrics. After I printed with the leaf I encased the painted leaf between fabric and tuille then edge-stitched it.  I attached the leaf on the printed fabric to create more dimension.
Fiber/Mixed Media Mini Quilt
And again, I used a real leaf in a mixed media collage below.
"Be Who You Are" Mixed Media Collage
Leaves can be used as a resist for sun printing with setacolor paints as in the photos below. The first photo also has leaves stenciled on the fabric. And the second photo has a screenprinted dandelion.
Dyed, Sun Printed, Stenciled, Screen Printed

Dyed, Sun Printed, Screen Printed, Machine Embroidered & Beaded
These trees were screenprinted onto hand dyed silk with discharge dyes and are just waiting for me to do something with them!
Dyed Dupioni Silk Screen Printed With Discharge Dyes

Dyed Dupioni Silk Screen Printed with Discharge Dyes

Leaves can be used to impress into clay. The one below is raku.
Elephant Ear Leaf Plate

The ones below were rubbed with oxides then high fired glazes applied on stoneware.
Hosta Leaf Plate
Hydrangea Leaf Plate

Maple Leaf Plate With Leaf Handles (I forgot what leaves I used?)
Believe it or not, there are still other ways I have used trees.  I mentioned all the photos I've taken- well, they could possibly be a whole series of blog posts by themselves so I will stop here.

Hopefully, you will be inspired by trees in ways you had never considered before. Maybe we will revisit the tree theme here again in the future. If you didn't get a chance to see all the participant's tree inspired pieces please do so. They were fabulous!

Looking forward to October's component of the month-sugar skulls.


  1. Each necklace is gorgeous and so well designed. I am in awe of your textile art. What a wide variety of skills you have developed. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! I love to dabble in many mediums. Textile art was my first love but jewelry has become my absolute favorite!

  2. Wonderful post! I love specially those leaf plates, and of course jewellery, and it´s really interesting to see what kind of beatiful art you can make with fabric, fiber etc.

    1. Thank you Suntsa! I do miss working with clay-it is very versatile and so many possibilities. I think fiber art also lends itself to many possbilities and I LOVE dressing up fiber art with beads.

  3. Wow, each of them is so beautiful and so unique with a true artistical quality

    1. Thank you so much Divya! I do like to have fun with fibers and beads:-)

  4. Wow girl!! That is some pretty awesome art!!


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