Thursday, May 21, 2015

Soothing Spirals...

In my last post I spoke about using spirals as a decorative elements in my most recent work and how relaxing and it was to hand carve these. Spirals have many symbolic meanings including balance, progress, direction, initiation, centering, expansion, awareness, connection, journeying and development.

Hand carved ceramic beads by Lesley Wat
They have long been a popular motif in jewellery and bead design often derived from natural representation like shells, horns, snakes or whirlpools. Today I've gathered together some fine examples to share with you today... enjoy!

Raku cat by Spinning Star Studio
Bead by Mitosis Glass
Spiral bead set by Joan Miller Porcelain
Bead caps by Cathy Daley
Spiral Fossil connector by Karen Totten
Bead by Natalie Pappas
Spiral Bead set by Sue Kennedy
Spiral spike pendant by Diana Ptaszynski
Bead by Holly's Folly
Ceramic pendant by Tina's Bead Mind
Barrette by Ildanach After Dark
Earrings by Lesley watt
Necklace by Tommy Singer
Bracelet by Hodgepodgerie
Bracelet by Lesley Watt


  1. I have been admiring the Raku cat for years. I think it is time to buy it!

  2. Hi Lesley, Your earrings and bracelet are lovely. They are my favorites from this post.


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