Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Because I'm all bout the sets, no orphans.

Yes I did hear the song in my head and I am sort of sorry if I gave you an earworm.

I am like most when it comes to inspiration to start a piece of jewelry.  I have something that inspires me and go with it.  Sometimes it can be a necklace sometimes it is a bracelet.  I love creating.  Just take a peek at my tray.

Here is where the tricky part is.  When I make jewelry for myself I like having matching sets.  It sounds real easy.  I have found that it can be far from easy.

Like this necklace,

or this bracelet.

Both I loved making and both are so pretty but for some reason there is no spark to create a matching piece.  In fact I have to tell you that I have quite a few orphan pieces as I call them.

I have been in the midst of a medical issue, nothing too serious but does require outpatient surgery, when those come up either my muse disappears or she shows up with a vengeance.  Well she has actually shown up and she had a specific mission.   Pair up some orphans!

I actually did not have a plan when I started.  Then I found some beautiful round beads by Diana of Suburban Girl Studios that happened to match another necklace with a pendant of hers and just played around with the beads.

I used to think sets had to be matchy matchy but to date I have been breaking many of my own rules and I love this set.

I was lucky enough to get some amazing Czechmate Crescent beads a while ago.  I am pretty sure I have told you about them before and from the moment they came out I had a design in mind and it just so happened I also had a orphan begging to be mated.

The cab in the necklace is from Lisa Peters Art and is one of my absolute favorites to where but I have had no bracelet to match it.  I am extremely happy with this set as well!

And finally I recently had the opportunity to work with Erin who is a blogger for Halcraft USA as well as her own blog Treasures Found.  Erin has a monthly challenge she hosts choosing a palette and coordinating beads and asks designers to play along.

The bracelet came first in this set.  And honestly I might have to make a couple more of these in different colors because I really like the way is wears.  I had a heck of a time getting a necklace that would work for me.  Finally I decided to just let it flow instead of fighting and I really love the way the necklace finished.

Do you like having sets of jewelry?


  1. Kristen - your pieces are lovely! Mom and I very rarely create pieces that have sets - it is fluke when we do. We should do it more often because we have people ask if we have a bracelet that goes with the necklace they are purchasing. Maybe this is an inspiration for us to get our butts in gear to make up matching pieces :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such beautiful work! I especially love the Lisa Peters' piece---she's one of my favorites. You did justice to her cabochon!

  3. Wow Kristen! You did a fabulous job with these sets! They look like they were designed that way, right from the start! I love how you coordinated the beads..matching, but not matchy-matchy. Perfection.

  4. Hi Kristen, I always admire your work. It is beautiful. I am glad to see you finishing your sets. My favorite is the Lisa Peters set. For the blue necklace I would use the stitch in the strap to make loop earrings.

  5. I love these sets you have made. T like that they go together but are not identical. Great work!


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