Monday, May 4, 2015

Mushroom mad

It all started with a small mound in the moss that grew so quickly I could hardly believe it....

Amanita Muscaria 
After a few short days the little mound had grown into a mushroom the size of a large dinner plate and every day when we would walk past it on the way to school my daughter would tell me tales of how it was for the fairy ball and how fairy's would play and dance there, then more and more would spring out of the ground and ever since I have been slightly completely obsessed with mushrooms!!!

Lampwork Mushroom by Laura Sparling
I wanted to capture to magic in those beautifully told tales which was the thought behind this caged mushroom pendent (the top and bottom of the cage is made from old three pence coins) and then when my little girl saw it she asked that I make her a mushroom keyring for her school book bag....

Copper and Silver Keyring
It had to be a fairy's mushroom of course and the obsession continued because then I made a pair of mushroom headpins which I sent to my Bead Peeps, Swap and Hop partner Melissa Trudinger who created these stunning earrings with them.
Melissa's Beautiful Earring
I adore the beautiful rustic Kylie Parry birds that Melissa paired them with.

While I was hoping that I may have got the mushrooms out of my system I found myself looking at the following beauties on Etsy....
Photo by Pips Jewellery
These beauties by Pips Jewellery, I love the little ruffle details underneath the cap and would be quiet happy playing with a handful of these little lovelies!
Photo By Jewelry Beads by Katie
If you are not into the colour red how about these beautiful cream mushrooms by Jewelry Beads by Katie, isn't the photo perfect!
Photo by Natalia Korolyuk
Or how about these wonderful yellow Chanterelle mushrooms by Natalia Beads & Jewelry, such lovely shapes.
Photo by North Fire Designs 
And how is this one for a beautiful work of art? I love the shading on the cap and the details underneath are just as beautiful! By North Fire Designs. While I could go on and on showing you beautiful mushrooms, there really are that many, I am half way through making more mushroom head pins and then I think I will try making mushroom beads, the obsession continues!!!!


  1. Niky, I've always loved mushrooms! You showed me so many beautiful beads and I love your headpins. Now I want to make mushroom stuff!

  2. Thank you Lee I look forward to seeing what you create!

  3. So many wonderful pieces! Thanks for sharing!


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