Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ceramic Art Bead Market

Hey everyone, you may have heard about a new way to shop for hand crafted ceramic art beads. It's called the Ceramic Art Bead Market.

Joan Miller kicked off the idea to a small group of fellow ceramic bead artists (including me), and we decided to run with it: a Facebook-based auction group featuring original ceramic art bead artists. About mid-March, we managed to set up a group with an initial group of artists, and started accepting buyer members. We also set up a jury to admit additional artist sellers. The sellers are all fabulous artists, tops in their field both in terms of originality and craftsmanship. We also have wonderful buyers. Bottom line, it's been a positive experience all around and we've grown faster than we could have ever imagined. After just a couple of months we are already 1,000 strong.

Here is just a tiny sampling of some of the beautiful art beads you might find there... also, be sure to read the exciting special announcement at the end of this post...

Ceramic focal by Mary Harding
Ceramic focal by Lisa Boucher

Ceramic bead sets by Diana Ptasynski

Ceramic bead set by Michelle McCarthy

Ceramic bead set by Terri DelSignore

Ceramic Bead set by Joan Miller

Ceramic beads by Karen Totten (Starry Road Studio)

Ceramic bead set by Gaea

Ceramic bead sets by Marsha Neal Minutella

Ceramic bead set by Sarah Kandell-Gritzmaker

Ceramic beads by Lesley Watt

Ceramic bead set by Sharleen Newline

Beads by Jenny Davies-Reazor

Ceramic focal by Caroline Dewison

Ceramic earring pair by Mari Carmen Rodriguez Martinez

I also have a very exciting announcement. To celebrate the milestone of 1,000 members, we are having an all-day giveaway special. Every hour starting at 10 AM today (May 17) we will feature a new art bead giveaway. So come see us at Ceramic Art Bead Market and comment on the giveaway posts that you would like to have a chance at winning. Good luck!


  1. Wow! Great beads and components! Congratulations!

  2. I'm having trouble getting the links to work, Karen. This is a lovely post though, with such great examples! Congrats on reaching such a large # so quickly!

  3. I totally missed the whole giveaway because I had to go to work. Oh, well, I am so glad for the Ceramic Art Bead Market. I've seen so many beautiful beads by so many artists. It's an amazing place!

  4. I clicked on the link, and it said this page does not exist?

  5. I've been trying to have a look at this group for a while now but every time I try it tells me the page doesn't exist :(

    Anyone have a clue why this might be? I feel like I'm missing out!! x

  6. I can't get in either ): Would love to see these beauties.

  7. I still can't access the group! This is an on-going issue - I've followed links from several different blogs/ FB pages and I can't even find the group if I search in FB for it. Ah well, its probably the best for my wallet!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You will have to copy/paste this link, but it's the direct link to the Facebook group. I don't know why you're having so much trouble accessing it! Here's the link:

  8. I still cannot get the link. Is this because I'm not on Facebook? Its kinda frustrating. is there any other options to access the site ? Thanks Suzanne

    1. I think you can view it even if you aren't on Facebook, but you cannot interact or purchase unless you join Facebook then join the group.


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