Saturday, July 7, 2012

Professional Looking and Practical Packaging


While packing up the beads for the AJE July Component of the Month design team members, I thought I'd snap a quick pic to show you how my beads look after they have been packaged up.

The main goal of shipping art jewelry components or art jewelry is that they get to their destination undamaged.

However, other goals include: 
   1) keeping shipping costs down by making the item being shipped as lightweight as possible
   2) inexpensive packaging materials
   3) professional looking packaging. 

Tips for how to accomplish all these things:

   1) Buy shipping supplies in bulk-especially bubble mailers, tape and tissue paper. Compare several different companies AND their shipping/handling costs. Some make up for their inexpensive prices in their handling fees
   2) Reuse bubble wrap, plastic baggies, jewelry boxes, etc.
   3) Save on paper, ink, and shipping weight by not printing out invoices. If a customer wants a hard copy, they can print it out online. However, many people are trying to reduce paper clutter and being "green" is cool.
   4) Use cardboard as little as possible. I ship my jewelry in the smallest possible jewelry box I can fit it into. However, beads are wrapped in reused bubble wrap, then wrapped in tissue paper for a little extra layer of protection and to look pretty.
   5) Tissue paper is coordinated with my business materials and logo
   6) I recently bought some Moo stickers with my logo. They have several different sizes and look awesome on the tissue paper.
   7) Include a handwritten thank-you. I recently had some postcards printed out with my logo on the front and a black and white bead image on the back. I write the customer's name and address in the appropriate space (just in case the shipping label is damaged or some other nonsense), and include a short handwritten thank you note on the postcard. Before that I bought Thank you cards from the clearance bin. I like the postcards better though. It looks much more coordinated and professional.
   8) Include a business card. I love the Moo mini cards. (And if you are ordering there anyway, get your free Facebook cards too. You do have to pay for shipping.)
   9) I stamp with a fancy "Thank You" design stamp and Staz On ink on the back side of the bubble mailer for a little extra detail.
That's about all I can think of for now. What do you do to make your packaging practical and professional?


  1. Thanks for this post! I've been using Zazzle but I'll check out Moo :)

    1. Sign up for their mailing list so you know when they are having specials. Their cards are a bit pricier than others, but also gorgeous and amazing quality.

  2. Love the idea about stamping the back of the bubble mailer! What a great touch!

  3. Thanks so much for the tips. I struggle with making my packages pretty and secure at the same time. I do recycle everything I can from the packages I receive; bubble wrap, ribbons, boxes, and the occasional mailer if I open it right.

  4. Thanks Jennifer, these are great ideas and your packages look sweet. I like your idea of stamping a pretty Thank You on the back of the envelope too...nice touch!

  5. Great post!! I've toyed with getting stickers I think I've even made them and not purchased, I'll definitely get the free FB cards, didn't know about those! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing, I've been thinking of doing something similar and so I appreciate your input on how this works for you.

  7. I worry about writing thank you on the back because I think the item might get stolen because then they would know it is something someone paid money for. Am I being to cautious?
    I do like the postcard idea especially because I love branding :-)
    I wrap my jewelry in tissue to protect the beads, secure with a moo sticker, into a decorative muslin bag, into a box which I have embellished and then into a bubble mailer (usually recycled).
    I add a biz card and thank you note.

    1. Thanks for sharing how you package your jewelry. I love it! I might use that because it I hate that jewelry gets stuck on the "cotton" sheet thingys inside the box. I haven't worked anything better out because I rarely sell jewelry online.

      As for the stamped thank you...I am also paranoid about things. However, there is no where on the package that indicates what I am selling (like I would put Jen Cameron Jewelry Designs or something like that on the package). The other thing is that whenever you send a bubble mailer, there's a good chance there's something in it that someone might want whether it's marked or not. So really, you take your chances either way. That's why I don't worry too much about it and it adds a little detail that may (or may not) be fun for the customer.

  8. Wonderful post and awesome ideas. I do some of them, next step is to work on co-ordinating a few elements... I love Moo cards, I need to sum the courage to create a pack :)

    P.S. Please visit my blog ( for a surprise

    1. When I did my most recent pack of Moo cards, I limited the photo on the back to 5 different designs. It felt less overwhelming and I selected 5 which represent my current work the best.

  9. That is great advice especially since I have yet to sell anything. I have kept most of the good packing materials I have been sent so I am a bit on my way.

  10. As someone who is just exploring the idea of launching my own Etsy site, I found your post chockful of great information. Thanks for the very practical shipping suggestions (and the links to Moo, such a fun site!)

  11. Awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing this!


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