Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exploration in seed beaded clasps

This week I set out to find beaded clasps and tutorials for sale on ETSY.  For my beadweaving friends there are many tutorials to choose from. Here are just a few of my favorites.

This one I have always wanted to try but alas wire and I are not good friends!  Cynthia of Jewelry Tales is an amazing artist and really thinks out of the box.

Beadwoven Hook Clasp

And if you are totally looking for a Rockstar clasp.  Check out Heather Collins's tutorial! 


These are from Mikki Ferrugiaro.  I have worked with Mikki's patterns and she writes excellent tutorials in fact this first one is on my wish list.

Focal Snap Clasps Volume 1

Geometric Snap Clasps

For my friends that are not beadweavers the selection of clasps to purchase are not really there.  This perplexed me.  I know that I love beaded clasps and the ability to make them.  I also love hand made clasps that many of my favorite artists create.  Why is there not a selection of beaded clasps for other artists to use?  This poses a big question.  Is it that there is not a market for them?  Not that I am ready to jump in feet first but I would like to know what you think.  Or am I just so into the beadweaving I am assuming too much into the uniqueness of them?

Here are a few pieces of mine that I use beaded clasps in.
A peyote ring with a toggle

Simple beaded loop for the button

Another peyote ring toggle

A fun hidden snap clasp

a flat peyote circle to mimic the rest of the design.

What are your opinions?  Would you like to be able to purchase a beaded clasp for your own work? 

Hope you are having a great day


  1. I demand you go make some clasps for sale now. Go! Get to it! Seriously though, it's something I would use in my work.

  2. Well then my friend we will have to talk!!!!

  3. These are beautiful! I am only geussing, but I think the reason you do not see beaded clasps for sale is that one would want the beads used in the clasp to match the beads used in the rest of the project, be it a necklace, beacelwt, etc. Just guessing!

  4. That's a good question. If you noted the bead numbers used in your clasps that would help. I imagine that listings for a custom clasp in beads of the buyer's choice would sell well also, although I hate to think of the logistics of that offer. You could also offer a listed choice of colors that you already have on hand.

    1. Great idea and as for the custom idea.....That is a logistical puzzle.

    2. Using bead numbers would help for beaders who use seeds that is for sure. As for custom orders yes I agree that is a logistical puzzle.

  5. So Patti do you think maybe a few in metallic would be a good way to achieve that or maybe custom order?

    1. If you sold beaded beads that matched or coordinated with the clasps that would solve that issue. ;-)

  6. I've given thought to selling beadwoven clasps before, but I quickly abandon the idea when I try to decide what color, shape, and size to make. I make different ones for my own projects all the time, so my clasps can coordinate and enhance my designs. I especially love beadwoven toggles & bars, but these aren't something the non-beadweaver could simply crimp in to - especially the bars, which I usually weave directly into my design. The bars just don't lend themselves to simple attachment of a jumpring!

    There are thousands of different color choices and combos, not to mention all the different styles and sizes of clasps, and to try to get a viable selection to keep on hand as spec inventory doesn't seem like a good idea. Add on to that the worry about making each one functional (i. e. connectible) for a variety of media (strung, wire, etc), and I get so boggled by all the possibilities that all I see is a shelf full of clasps that I think are wonderful, but something about each one keeps them from selling!

    1. I have gone back and forth on this issue as well and I do think I have solved the issue of connect-ability so with that said I might just have to test the market sometime. Not sure when though. LOL

  7. You just have to go for it, make a few design and as I think was mentioned create a few color pallets with some matching bead sets included and list them. I'd stay away from trying to do custom stuff, at least at first. Granted what I'm doing is different but I was terrified to jump in with components, I thought about it for months and wish I had just done it much sooner. It was the best move I could have made. JUST DO IT Kristen, you know you can!!! :)


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