Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspired by Design Challenge: Life at the Lake

Christmas in July was NOT popular at all...haha! Ok, I get it. It's difficult to be inspired by Christmas when it's record breaking high temperatures this summer. Let's go to the lake this time. We are currently in the process of building a lake cottage. On one of my visits to the lake house, I literally gasped out loud when I walked out the back door (side facing the lake) and saw the protected wetland area behind our house covered in flowers.


This month's inspiration photo is a close-up of the wetland behind our lake cottage:


 If you want to see the pink flowers in a close-up, here you go:


-The blog hop for this photo will be held August 13th, which gives you 3 weeks to create something inspired by this photo.

-Challenge yourself to use at least one handmade component. It can be made by you or by someone else. 

-On the day of the reveal, post the inspiration photo(s) and photos of what you created based on the inspiration photo on your blog. Write how you were inspired by the photo. Tell us about the handmade component you used and why. 

-Add you blog post URL to the linky tools at the bottom of the AJE reveal post (instructions on how to do it are super easy and self explanatory once you click on the link for linky tools).

-Add the linky tools html to your blog post to continue the hop. 

-Have people visit your blog

-This is meant to be a way to help everyone's creativity to expand and for self improvement and to get new visitors to your blog

-This is not a high stress situation. You do not have to commit in advance. You join when you are inspired and/or have time and want to challenge yourself. 

Now get creating! 


  1. This challenge sounds wonderful!

  2. Since we're newbies on a lake I think I've got to challenge myself! Wish our wetlands looks as beautiful - lots of work for us to get non-native plants out... then wildflowers! yes - your photo is something to hope for!

  3. This challenge is something I can get into! I tried to think of something for the Christmas in July , but you're correct, it was just too hot, lol.

  4. If I hadn't had so much on my tray I would have made the Christmas in July challenge but I have to tell you I would have gasped with you to see those gorgeous flowers!

  5. Love your pics and your inspiration for your challenge. Wish I could join the fun, but I've got too much going on behind the scenes right now,...but I'm excited to see what everyone creates!

  6. I am def going to join in.. This sounds like a lot of fun :)

  7. Hey! The reveal is on my birthday! If I can find the time, I'll join in on this one!

  8. Hi...already done with my challenge piece. Am using it for another challenge I am doing as well, so is it ok if I put up my blog post now and link it here on the reveal day for it?


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