Friday, July 13, 2012

Press Releases

Who uses press releases? Why should I use a press release? How should I create a press release? Now you're thinking like a "Press Release!"   Do you remember in school we were taught that who, what, when, where and how was essential to writing a good newspaper article.  Your press release is your newspaper article, because, hopefully, that's where you'll be seeing it published.

We have facebook and our blogs as networking tools, but have you considered your immediate community as "followers?"  They most definitely are! We want our community to find us and learn what we're all about, right?   So let's create a press release about a craft show we'll be participating in.  We'll start with the release date of the press release.  Very important.  Mine are usually "For immediate release," but if not for immediate release, just use the date that you'd like the information to be released.

Next we have the title of the press release.  This is fairly short ... a few words.  It could say, "Local Tasmanian Devil Hills Artist Gains Acceptance to Prestigious Craft Show."   Now we want to describe the title.  This is a fairly short paragraph of about 15 to 30 words.   It could read, "Jewelry-designer, Jane Smith, of Tasmanian Hills, was selected from over 10,000 applicants to participate in the 10th Annual Saw Mill Art and Craft Show on July 12, 2012."

Now we get into describing the selection process of the Saw Mill Art and Craft Show and, more specifically, Jane Smith, her process, and what makes her special.

"Saw Mill Art and Craft Show, a keystone art venue of the Tri-County Area, receives more than 10,000 applications each year from the most talented artists in the country.  Artists and artisans from as far away as Fallujah covet the select few spaces in this established show that attracts nearly 60,000 attendees from the Tri-County Area."

Now we start to feature Jane and her work ... "Jane Smith, Jewelry Designer from Tasmanian Hills, has been selected as an exhibitor.  Jane has been designing jewelry for ten years and is recognized for her work with beads, baubles and jewels.  In particular, Jane has developed a unique technique for creating peyote stitch pill boxes.  Her customers are drawn to her splashy color choices and whimsical designs.  According to Jane, "A unique use of color is my trademark.  I think the most common remark I hear from my customers is, 'How did you select these wonderful colors?"

So, now let's give a little background about Jane's education ... "Jane was fortunate to have studied with some of the leaders of the Pioneering Peyote Stitch Movement.  This foundation has influenced Jane to push the envelope of color ... "(you've got the picture!)

Now we sum it up ... Please visit Jane in Booth 666 at the Saw Mill Art and Craft Show on July 12, 2012 from 1 a.m. - 4 a.m. at Circus Street, Gentry Codgin, MT. Jane will be demonstrating her unique Peyote Pidgeon Stitch from 2 am to 2:30 am.  For more details, please contact Jane Smith through her website Pidgeon, Codgin and Pickle Street Pieces (

There you have it!  It's not hard at all.  Make sure you blanket your area with these press releases from your small community paper to your regional paper or magazine.  If you're going to spend time writing a press release, spend as much time trying to make sure it gets seen.


  1. Barbara this is a great post. I haven't yet made it to the selling side on that level but I don't think I would have thought of this. Now I will!

  2. Press releases have worked for me in the past!

  3. Thanks for the lesson Barbara Lewis, I need all the help I can get in marketing. NOW I just need to enter a show. It is one of my greatest fears!

    Shelley Graham Turner


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