Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Hop: AJE July Component of the Month Nightmare Insomnia Series

Remember all the way back to July 1st when I announced that the component of the month was my Nightmare Insomnia series bead? Yeah, I know. It seems like last week. However, the creative designers for July have been hard at work and are excited to show you what they have made. Also, I am super excited to see what they have done with my babies...I mean...beads.

Please visit everyone and try to leave comments at each stop. Us creative types like to hear something other than crickets.

AJE July Design team:

Beti Horvath: Stringing Fool
Gretchen Nation: Art Food Lodging
Karen Totten: Starry Road Studio
Kathleen Douglas: Washoe Kat's
Keirsten Giles: The Cerebral Dilettante
Kristen Stevens: My Bead Journey
Lori Anderson: Pretty Things
Rana Wilson: Rana Lea Designs
Shannon Chomanczuk: For My Sweet Daughter


  1. Many thinks for the opportunity to participate in this blog hop. Can't wait to see the rest of the pieces!

  2. I've been hopping around and seeing the wonderful results! I would like to play along sometime!

  3. Your beads are absolutely stunning! I have loved looking at what people have done with the same style. Looking forward to seeing more challenges!

  4. Thanks again, your beads of stunning and certainly inspired some beautiful jewelry. Can't wait to see what you create next.

  5. loved the hop! i hope to participate in one of your challenges!

  6. Hoppin Hoppin Hoppin!!! All the creations and stories are so wonderful! Thanks for providing the inspiration!!!

  7. Thank you so much, for letting me be in this hop! Your beads are over-the-top beautiful and it was crazy trying to do justice to the one I received. I hope you approve, this necklace has become one of my all time favorites and I've worn it several times already. It's great to layer with shorter necklaces...and you know, you can never wear too much jewelry! thanks, again ~


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