Friday, May 10, 2013

Whole Bead Show

Last weekend I had the unique opportunity to get an insider's look at a bead show, even though I do not create beads.  I helped fellow AJE team member, Kristi Bowman, with her booth at the Whole Bead Show in Lynnwood, WA.  It was Kristi's first time being a vendor at a bead show and she did quite well.  Of course that was no surprise to me, because her copper and polymer clay components are so unique and gorgeous.

I arrived on Thursday and helped her with the pre-show setup.  I'm familiar with the whole setup and breakdown routine from my experiences with the fine arts and crafts shows where I sell my finished jewelry.

Thursday night.  All's quiet and ready!
Kristi's  banner was newly ordered from Vista Prints.  Originally we'd placed it on the bulletin board behind the booth, but we were told that we had to remove it.  We weren't sure how best to attach the banner to the booth and we learned from a fellow vendor that you can attach your vinyl banner to your table cover using double stick foam tape.  It holds well, doesn't damage the tablecloth and peels off fairly well from the back of the banner when you're all done.

Friday morning was a bit slow, but by the end of the day, Kristi felt pretty satisfied with her sales.  We found that we worked well together.  I'd wrap up the purchases and write the receipt, while Kristi added up the sales total, added the tax and operated the Square.

You can't imagine how difficult it was to spend 3 days with all this treasure right in front of my nose, tempting me!  I wanted it ALL!  I kept picking components up, fondling them and then reluctantly placing them back in the trays.  

Each day of the show, I wore different jewelry featuring Kristi's copper components. Pictured below is the jewelry set I wore on Friday.

April Bloom Earrings and Fly Away Necklace

On Saturday and Sunday we were battling gorgeous weather.  With summer-like temperatures, people wanted to be outside digging in their gardens, sailing their boats or playing sports.  Attending a bead show indoors, slips lower on the priority list in those circumstances.  Vendors told us the turnout was lower than the year before.   We had gaps of time when it seemed like there were more vendors than customers, but then there were other times when we had a pretty steady stream of shoppers.  At the end of the second day, Kristi was happy with her sales and she knew that she'd be able to call this show a success.  

Linda and Kristi at the Whole Bead Show

I spent the nights at Kristi's house and I must say that I fell in love with her 2 adorable long haired dachshunds, Shasta and Ginger.  

I had earrings made for Saturday's show, but I'd run short of time and had never made a necklace.  On Friday night, after the show, I created a necklace to go with the earrings. I was so tired by then that I was getting cross-eyed trying to wire on those dangles!
Saturday's jewelry du jour:

My daughter and her boyfriend live not too far away from where the show was being held, so on Sunday, I met them for brunch, since the show didn't start till noon on Sunday. That was an enjoyable bonus treat!

One of the best things about the show was getting to know our nearby booth mates.  We had so much fun laughing and goofing off together!  So much talent and such a great sense of humor. To the left of Kristi's booth, was Sheila Davis of Stone Designs.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of Sheila or her booth, but her lampwork is truly gorgeous.  Both Kristi and I bought a good deal of beads from her.  And, not only does she create lampwork glass beads, but she also designs intricate jewelry which features her beads.  Swoon!

To our right, were three more talented lampwork glass artists:  Judith Billig of Judith Billig Contemporary Lampwork Beads, Lori Bergmann of Lori Bergmann Design and Lara Lutrick of Lutrick.

Judith, Lori and Lara - photo by Lori Bergmann

These three women are immensely talented and both Kristi and I bought a lot of their gorgeous beads!  During slow times, we talked shop, laughed and goofed around.

Judith hamming it up and showing off her "Angelina Jolie lips"! 
She cracked me up!

Judith with her delightful lampwork

Lori and Judith at Lori's booth
I bought some lovely sage green lampies from Lara on Saturday and used them to create earrings to wear on Sunday.  I paired the new earrings with the necklace I'd made the night before.

Ammonite Impression Earrings

Overall the show was a success.  Kristi did well at her booth, we both scored lots of great new beads and we enjoyed the company of great people who shared our passion for beads and jewelry.  I returned home inspired!

Linda Landig Jewelry - ArtFire 
Linda Landig Jewelry - Etsy  


  1. I had so much fun Linda, you are a great partner in crime and I look forward to next time. Thank you!

  2. What a win win! You get the shopping fun, Kristi gets a booth buddy. Now I know how you feel when we talk about East Coast events....

    Arent neighbors the best? Watch your booth, chat, shop... but very tempting! I love your Jewlery-a-day plan!!

  3. What a nice friend you are to help out! I get to go to Bead & Button every year and help my friend Heather Powers and I cannot help but fondle all the beads! I am going to be helping her and Melanie Brooks of Earthenwoods this year and that will be double the fun! Thanks for introducing me to some new to me artists. Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. What fun!! Wish I were closer to hang with you guys~wonderful post!! Sharing on AW Collective :)

  5. Wonderful blog post!!! We had a great time at the show too, and a big part of why we had so much fun was having Linda and Kristi as our table neighbors :).
    And Kristi's components are fabulous! After searching everywhere online without success, I discovered Kristi's unique copper components and found exactly what I was looking for: some very eye-catching copper circles to incorporate in my jewelry designs.
    Oops, yes - that's me on that goofy picture! And my version of "duck lips" ... bawahahaha, that photo is hilarious :)

  6. What an interesting description of behind the scenes! I am glad it went well. I love Kristi's components and and jewelry. Thanks for mentioning where she got the banner for the booth. It really looks nice and very professional.

  7. Its fantastic when bead buddies get together and share! The displays are awesome, the beads fabulous and I enjoyed reading about your adventures! Thanks for sharing. Caron

  8. Great post Linda, I am really glad you and Kristi had a good show and a lot of fun!! Being able to buy all of the love beads is just icing on the cake!!! Hope you both have a Blessed Mothers Day!

  9. What a fab post. Looks like you all had a lot of fun, loving the 'LIPS' - LOL at that shot. You are indeed a talented bunch of girls and funny too.

  10. What fun it looked like you had! And what a nice booth set up. Am glad the show was a success. Thank you for sharing, Linda!


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