Monday, May 13, 2013

Whispers from Neverland

So I missed posting last Wednesday because my Internet was down.  I have to thank Diana for having a wonderful post to fill the spot.  So I wanted to make it up to all of you and share with you a story.

Last year the seed beading community and beaders in general lost an inspirational friend. Peter Sewell was an amazing beader that I got the special privilege to know late in is battle with lung cancer.  He was an idol and then quickly became a friend that I looked forward to seeing his posts.

This was a picture from Robynne that she created after Peter's passing and it is my favorite.  I think about what he was thinking at that time in such a beautiful place.

He was a straight talker but could always be counted on to spur on creativity. "Just keep trying"  is what he would say to anyone who struggled.  Well I will tell you that I do think of him whenever I get to feeling like I can't make something work.  This happened a few months back when after many attempts to use twins in my favorite spiral stitch, a Russian spiral, was just not coming together.  Then as if straight from Neverland there was a whisper.  I remembered that Peter had published a pattern in the October/November 2010 issue of Beadwork.  I wonder.....well I did not need to wonder anymore.  It just flowed from my fingers.  I considered putting out a technique tutorial in my shop but NO!  I need to honor Peter and let you all know what he meant to me in such a short time and share this gift he gave me with everyone.  So here is my very first free tutorial for you all.

Peter's Gift.

All you need is a tube of your favorite color 15/0 seed beads and coordinating twin beads.
***for a bracelet you need a 10 gram package of twins, if you want a rope you will need at least 23grams***
I know these colors may be hard to see but I needed to use them for a pairing!

First on a comfortable length of thread ( I always use 6lb fireline) string 3 15's and a twin bead 3 times.
Go through the beads again to form a circle exiting a middle 15.
Pick up 3 15's and go through the top hole of the twin from the previous row.
Pick up 1 15 and go through the middle 15 added in the beginning.
Repeat this step for the next two twins but this time you will go through the middle 15 added in the beginning of this step.
Now your beadwork will be a bit fiddly for the first few steps but you can pull and maneuver a bit to make it begin to look like a tube.
Pick up 3 15's, a twin, and 1 15 and go through the middle 15 added in previous row.

 Repeat around remembering when adding the last set you go through the middle 15 added in the beginning of the step.  Now you will see the tube forming.
Tension can be an issue with this depending on how you want it to look.  A snug tension is recommended.  Here are some (unfinished because life is getting in the way of my beading, LOL) samples of what you are making.
So here is the peek into how I bead and who inspires me.  Tell me what you think.  Oh and I do not mind you using this in finished projects to sell as long as you please refer back to this post so that Peter is honored.

Have fun creating!!!


  1. Great idea! I'm wondering how flashy it would look using the neon beads...

    1. I want to see that!!! I do not have neon twins yet!

  2. Brilliant! Thanks so much Kristen!!

  3. Kristen, the spirals are beautiful and I'm inspired to attempt this stitch - which now encourages me to go purchase some lovely twin beads.
    I think Peter Sewell would be very proud of and honored by you. :)

  4. Interesting and very timely, I have just tried Russian spiral last night! :)

  5. Yay I hope when you try this you will share a picture.

  6. Thank you Kristen,
    I have been wanting to try this one ever since you told me about it.

  7. Replies
    1. And I would love to see it! Make sure you share a pic!

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!:-)

  9. Nice tutorial! The combination of pictures and text really works well together. May just have to give it a try. :)

    1. Oh Karen coming from you that is a treasured compliment!

  10. Wonderful thank you! I never thought of using twins in such a way. Lovely tribute too.

  11. Thank you very much for the tutorial. I had the privilege of meeting Peter at a workshop a few years ago, very inspiring, I was so sad to hear of his death.

  12. GORGEOUS Kristen - you are so talented!!!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. It looks like it will make a beautiful rope with twins.
    It's always sad to loose a mentor.

  14. danke für die Anleitung muss sofort ausprobieren!

  15. OMGoodness I Love Love it!!! It fits and looks so good. I made mine with turquoise superduo and some dark iridescent turquoise. The contrast is amazing. Thank u fr sharing!

  16. this is a great idea! thanks for sharing it with us!


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