Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting to the finish

Lately I have been entirely overcome with ADD in the creative process.  I admit I have only had a little bit of beading time lately but it seems the ideas just keep flowing.  So many times I am working on either a test for a pattern designer or a challenge piece and an idea hits me from out of the blue and before I know it my tray is looking like this....
I know it looks organized but there are really 6 projects on there.

I am thinking this happens to everyone but really I am finding it frustrating to actually getting to the finishing of a project.  Then there are always those times when I get so into a project and run out of the beads I need and have to put it aside like these....

How do you over come these issues?



  1. I wish I knew the answer because my work station ALWAYS looks like that!

  2. Put them in a corner of the bead table for 8 months, then take them apart -- that's what happens to me :\

  3. I don't, my work space is always a mess. BUT a mess that I understand.....LOL.

  4. I have a whole room for creating. My design process always seems to involve dumping out my beads instead of keeping them neat until I know what I'm doing. The room usually gets so out of control that I end up taking everything I think I need for a project and moving into another room to put it together, running back and forth to get things I've forgotten. I'm hoping other commenters give some good tips because it's silly not to use the room I've set up for this purpose. But I feel like I don't know how to keep it usable.


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