Sunday, May 26, 2013

Earring Challenge Reveal 10 - Weeks 19 & 20/52

Welcome to the 10th reveal for the AJE challenge and I hope you all are having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  Please take a moment to remember all those who give their lives for our freedom.

If you're blogging about your designs then don't forget to add your link at the bottom of this post.

It must be the holiday weekend, because there weren't many earring submissions as I write this.  But I picked some that I thought were great to highlight this reveal!  The first pair are by Mon Urquhart.  While I love the lampwork beads and the swarovski hearts, I really really love her ear wires - they are fantastic!

This next pair is by Pam Sotheran.  I love the brass butterfly charms - perfect for the summer!

Next up we have Renetha Stanziano - again, I love the lampwork beads, but I really love her unique earwires!

And finally, a pair by Kimmy Sayers.  I love the color combination and the swirled eyepin she made!

Please join us in two weeks for another Earring Reveal!  And remember, keep pinning your earrings for a change to be featured on the blog!


  1. What beautiful earrings this week. I'm also in love with lampwork bead which could be labled as an obsession.

    I was gone most of this weekend and forgot to add my earrings to the pinterest board.

  2. I love using lampwork beads for my earring designs. Thanks for mentioning my earrings for this week's challenge reveal. I got the earring wires from Mii Studio on Ebay.
    I like them because you can use one set of wires for several earring dangles.


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