Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finishing projects

I have a growing pile of projects in every stage of creation from sketches in little boxes with the components I need to make them, to rings and pendants with the settings complete and polished and just waiting for the stone to be set. It has got to the stage that I am almost out of room on my desk, and it's not a small desk!

Two of the many cabochons that I've started to make settings for! I'll often make lots of bezel settings to fit some of my growing collection of stones and then they are ready for when inspiration strikes - and time allows!

I've always used the excuse that, because I teach jewellery making, I need part made projects to use as examples with my students, but as I have a pendant that has been waiting for its stone (the beautiful Botswana agate in the picture above) to be set for nearly three years now I think it safe to say that things have got a bit out of hand!

Beautiful picture jasper to be set in pring setting - may not completely finish this one as I am still using it for teaching!

So, I was quite relieved to read Melissa's post two weeks ago this coming Saturday talking about this very problem, and challenging us all to join her this coming Saturday to show off the projects that we had (at last!) completed. I've challenged myself to finish all the projects that you can see here - fingers crossed! I hope I do it, as believe me, this is a small part of my collection!

Mystery lengths of square wire - any guesses as to what these will turn out to be?
My questions to you are, will you be joining me in Melissa's challenge, and do you have any part made projects older than my poor three year old pendant?!


  1. I don't have any just sitting aside as they drive me flat insane if I don't finish them once I started. I do however is have a shelf full of components that I have put together for future projects.

    1. You sound very well organised! I envy you that! My biggest problem is that I'll start something new so I can use it as a teaching example before I have time to finish the previous project! I'm on track to finish all but one of the projects shown here though, but I'll have to wait until Sunday to blog about them as (you've guessed it!) I'm teaching on Saturday!

  2. LOL, I have some almost as old.

  3. WOW Jo that is an awesome wip you have!! I can't wait to see it done!


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