Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting More Traffic to your Facebook Business Page

Frustrated by the lack of "likes" on your facebook page? Or the lack of interaction? too. I've tried the various things like...asking a question that will (hopefully) start a conversation, sharing updates about what I'm doing in the studio, etc. I often felt like I was talking to myself.

However, I noticed when I posted the occasional photo, there were a lot more likes and comments. The more likes and comments, the more people will see your content. However, posting photos periodically throughout the day gets cumbersome to upload to computer then post to facebook.

Or at least, it was, until I got the Facebook Pages app for my iPhone. It's super easy to use and I can share photos immediately after taking them.

For the last few weeks I've been prepping for a show, which was last weekend. I posted snapshots of new beads, my worktable, in progress jewelry, etc. a couple times a day.

My temporary studio at the lake jen cameron glass addictions

During the show I posted photos of my booth, close-ups of my business card holders, the fact I was barefoot behind the table...

Glass addictions booth jen cameron indiana artisan marketplace 2013

Looking at my stats from March 30-April 7, I got 65 new page "likes". Mostly from posting photos. My show was April 5th-7th, so some of those may be the result of people looking me up on Facebook after meeting me and seeing my work at the show.

Have you noticed the chart at the top of your page (only you can see it)? Mine looks like this:

If you click on the chart (or on "see all"), it will give you all KINDS of information. Facebook is hoping you will use that to pay for advertising....but you don't have to. And it gives you some really helpful information to run your business. 

You can get an overview that looks like this and shows you likes, people talking about this and weekly total reach:

Under the "Likes" tab, you get the chart I showed you at the beginning which shows the number of likes and unlikes you've gotten for each day. But it also gives you a breakdown of your audience. Particularly helpful if you decide to set up an ad campaign...or helping you have a better grasp of basic demographic information about WHO is liking your page:

Reach has three components. Demographics and location:

How you reached people and visits to your page:

And since I've already shared a ton of charts, I won't bother showing "Talking about this" because visually it looks the same as what you've already seen. However, it shows two components...demographics of who is talking about your page (gender, age, location) and HOW people are talking about your page. 

I wish I could give you specific information about how the new "likes" translates into sales, but I have not listed anything online since I started showing lots of photos. I do recommend making your page very visual, but not just listings. Because that gets spammy and people will probably leave your page if all you do is peddle your product and do nothing to interact with your audience. 

Have you discovered any tips that have helped increase the audience and interaction of your Facebook page? Please share in the comments section! 

Still recovering from three days of running my booth...

-Jen Cameron


  1. Interesting! There are parts of Facebook that are total mysteries to me.

  2. Thank you so much for this timely info. I have been working on my page,!/DillmansDiversions
    for the last month with the help of my daughter. I am sure we can use some of this. We too have been tracking what draws the most likes and views. Quite interesting.
    Going now to check out your page.

  3. Great post! People are very visual and love pictures. It's one of the reasons I subscribed to you blog! I am one of those people who has left fan pages because they were to spammy. Great idea to show more interactive pics. TFS!

  4. Excellent post! I totally agree about sharing photos of what's going on, etc. Not just listings. George Takei did a TEDtalk about this. He uses humor to attract and retain an engaged audience, then when he needs to promote something, he has a receptive audience ready to "listen" and see what he has to say.

  5. Thank you for this info!! I have a hard time understanding my stats. They vary...and I have no clue what people want. I post all kinds of things...not just my stuff.
    I have quite a few followers, though most of them never even see what I post.

    I find FB to be more and more frustrating.
    As for the business end....I do not think it has ever helped me make a sale.....sigh.

  6. Thanks for sharing this info! I've been learning FB for over a year now. From a business point of view, I've never been able to spend enough time on it to really help our business. The phone idea is a great one. I'll have to try it! Thanks heaps!

  7. What I like about those charts and tools is that they help you determine what posts help generate traffic, so you can make a good strategy on how to promote your page better, thus helping your business along. I'm happy that you figured this out and thankful that you shared it, so others can learn from it. Thanks Jen! :)



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