Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New York Recap

As many of you know I took my first journey across the country for the Whole Bead Show in New York last month. It was so much fun!! I finally got to meet some of my Art Jewelry Elements friends and other online friends and made some new ones too!!

Here I am with AJE's  Diana and Jenny!

Kristi, Diana and Jenny!

I also met the amazing and fun Lea Avroch!

Kristi and Lea!

I also met Anne Gardanne, Ren Farnsworth, Beth Shea.
 Unfortunately no pictures, I was by myself so didn't get a chance to take as many pictures as I would have liked!

This the first day of the show, I arrived at 6am to get my table set up.
An extremely long 12 hour day!
Only a handful of people came that early.
I'm part way through the component sorting process in the photo below.

Organizing my components was the most time consuming, they were all in baggies!
I think I'll do it differently next time and cut my set up time in half at least.

I also finally got to meet Andrew Thornton, we didn't get a picture together but he took this one of me open for business!

I didn't have much change to shop but I managed to go to The Bead Goes On booth that has some very cool and unusual stuff.

I love the Resin Tubes, Beaded Beads and very cool Copper Covered Plastic rings. I've already used a pair of the Resin Tubes and I am working on a pair using the Copper Rings!

I also picked up these awesom Xuron plyers, I love my Wubbers but these are so lightweight and then ends are really fine which are perfect for very fine work. I've already used them a ton!

I do wish I had been able to hang out for a day or two after the show was over but it didn't happen this time. If I ever make it over again I'll find a way to do that so I can actually see the city!



  1. Kristi, it was so great to meet you! Felt like we were old friends. Sad that you didn't have more time to spend & hang out, but it was great to finally meet and to see your beautiful work in person.


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