Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Get in on the art charm action

The art charm swap and Beads of Courage charity auction is an annual event that spans 3 months every autumn. It starts with an invitation to sign up the first week of September. Every participant that signs up agrees to make 10 charms to swap, and one charm to donate for the auction.

Charm by Michelle McCarthy

After everyone has signed up, they get to work coming up with a design that will fit the theme. The theme for 2014 was "soar."

Charms are due to me by mid-October. Once I have them, they are spread out, sorted, packed up, and shipped to their new homes. 

This was my project for the week. Sorting more than 400 art charms and shipping them all over the United States plus England, Canada, Australia, and Slovenia.

Once that job is complete, I start photographing and editing the photos for the auction. The auction runs before/concurrent with the Thanksgiving holiday so that these miniature pieces of art can be given as a gift, made into an ornament, or into wine glass markers. Or simply worn on a chain.

Charm by Mallory Hoffman

After the auction is over, I get to package up the charms and send them to their new homes.

Charm by Niky Sayers

Charm by Jenny Davies Reazor

Why do I go to all this time and trouble? I've been doing swaps like this for years. I have always  enjoyed what came out of it. A few years ago I decided I wanted an extra element...something to make it more wonderful than it already was (because what could be better than getting charms from fellow creatives?) That's when I had the inspiration to add the charity auction. And Beads of Courage is an organization I think any bead lover and/or person who loves children will readily support.

Charm by Lesley Watt

Charm by Sue Kennedy

Unfortunately I was unable to participate in the swap this year. I did, however, make a single hot air ballon charm for the auction.

Charm by me (Jen Cameron)
The auction is a culmination of hours of hard work, and I absolutely believe we're going to break our previous fundraising efforts. Last year it was $1500. You can be rest assured that 100% goes to Beads of Courage. So bid high and bid often. It goes to a great cause. And in case you've missed the subtle hints to visit the auction page, here's the link: AUCTION 


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