Monday, February 17, 2014

Glazing in a Winter Wonderland

This was (and mostly still is) the winter wonderland (::gags::) outside my home over the weekend.  Frankly,  I'm over winter and will welcome spring with all her pollen-induced sneezing, coughing and nose-blowing with open arms (and tissue boxes).  Anyway, since it's clear that I continue to get stuck in my home and away from my studio I took Jenny's advice and brought my glaze and bisque home.  I don't really have a choice though because Berks Bead Bazaar is almost here!
So here is the little set-up I've been working off of in my dining room. I created a disposable tray from foil and then lined it with paper towels so I can switch them off every time I change colors or it just gets too messy.
Things are moving slowly mostly because I hurt from shoveling and because I chose to use multiple glazes on a lot of my new pieces.  I'm also spending a lot of time wiping off the glaze with a wet sponge so that some of the porcelain shows through.  I love the look of this but it certainly takes plenty of extra time.
Then there is the stoneware that I like to stain.  I dab the stain on and then remove it with a wet sponge.  This is also tedious but worth the end result.
Here's how some of the stained pieces look before they get fired in the kiln.  The faces won't get any glaze while some of the steampunk-inspired pieces will get a crackle glaze applied to them.
I currently have almost 3 trays filled with finished work or work still in progress waiting for more glaze applications.  There is also another tray with bisque in it that I haven't gotten to yet.  Since there is MORE snow in the forecast (::sobs::) it appears I"ll be able to finish most of this from home.

If you don't hear from me soon, it's because I'm buried under a million feet of snow.

Happy shoveling...errrrr beading!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio LLC


  1. I enjoyed seeing you WIP. Here's hoping that Spring will get here soon!

  2. Think of all the money you're saving on gasoline! And the mammoth kiln haul you will have from getting all this glazing done. I know it doesn't help your back...but it will end soon and then it will be SPRING!!

  3. Glad you took work home where you can be nice and cozy while you work. Happy Glazing!

  4. There is no better way to spend a cold winter day than cooped up in your studio! Thanks for sharing!


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