Monday, February 24, 2014

Making Polymer Stones and Sea Glass GIVEAWAY

Quite some time ago I purchased a class called
 Then somehow I forgot about it and never watched it (very strange I know) until last night!
 Can't believe I forgot about it!! It's a fun class and I can't wait to try making Stones. I was however able to try my hand at the Sea Glass. I need to get a couple more supplies before I can have a go at creating Stones.

My first attempt at the Sea Glass got away from me,
Cynthia warns you during the class not to walk away from them. I didn't actually walk away but I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention because before I knew it this is what happened.

Yup, I burned them, smoke alarm going off and the whole nine yards.
I was trying to get them out of the oven but wasn't prepared for having to do it so quickly.
They also stuck to the paper which is a first for me, I guess it's not a surprise though.

Kind of cool looking actually but not a good thing.
Won't be doing that again I hope.

Better, only just slightly overcooked.

Almost there, the colors are a little bit to saturated but I didn't burn them!!

I had fun playing with this new technique and I'm really excited to try making Stones.
Maybe my next post will be about just that!

I've made some little Ammonite beads in Polymer before so I thought they might be the perfect thing to start playing with this Sea Glass mixture using my own aestetic.

Faux Sea Glass Ammonite beads.
These set of beads is available on HERE on Etsy.

Making Polymer Stones and Sea Glass
The Giveaway is now closed,
Congratulations to Jan Scarborough!!
Feel free to
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  1. These new sea glass beads might be perfect with some of your great beach finds! Love the soft palette of colors.

  2. So pretty! Where can we buy handcrafted sea glass discs like that? Will you be selling any, Kristi?

    Fabulous! thanks,

    Toltec Jewels

  3. Hi Rita, yes when I perfect the process I'm sure I'll add them to my other components. The little ammonite beads will be listed shortly. Thank you!

  4. those are beautiful! That class sounds like fun. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. These are so cool. Hoping to win the class. Told 'em you sent me. :)

  6. These are super cool Kristi. Great give-a-way. I told them you sent me :-)

  7. OMG Kristi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love them!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow I didn't know you could make sea glass look alikes. My sister walks the beach and finds them, I honestly couldn't believe how much she finds, seeing as its Lake Erie. I'm going to have to tell her about this. Not quite as therapeutic as walking the beach though, which is why she does it lol.

  9. Kristi - Wow, nice results after that near disaster. Now you know!
    It's about time of year for those lovely beachy colors. You go, girlll.


  10. Great results after that initial disaster. You won't do that again! They look fab!


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