Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What thread do I use

That is a question I am asked all the time.  My answer is Fireline! 

It is a braided fishing line that comes in different weights and diameters.  My preference is to use 8lb test with a 3lb test diameter.  This is where you see that information.

It comes in 2 colors that I use.  Smoke and Crystal.

There are other choices of beading thread out there such as Nymo and S Lon and I know that other beaders do prefer those.  It is a personal preference issue.  
Before I discovered Fireline I used them but I have tension issues and I was so frustrated with the breakage I almost gave up beading entirely.  Then I read about using fishing line.  I have to tell you I did not read the article completely to understand what kind of fishing line and ended up buying monofilament line.  What a nightmare!   I went back to the article and read about Fireline and immediately asked my husband what the difference was.  He laughed but was very helpful in finding it for me.

So I am sure you want to know why I choose to use it.  First I like the fact that it is easily threaded into the needle without fraying in the beginning.  Another reason is that well I have tension issues which I have mentioned before but also sometimes you have to really pull to snug something up and  Fireline just doesn't break.  In fact the only thing that breaks it is when you use a crystal without adding a bead before and after the crystal.  Also when beadweaving there are so many times you have to rip it out to a mistake and if done properly it stays in tact so I do not have to totally scrap the work.

Since I use it so much I end up now buying it at Sporting Goods stores in 300yd spools and I go through that in about 3-4 months.  Like I said this is a personal preference for me but I do highly recommend it!



  1. It is the only thread I use too. The last time I bought some I got the big 125 yard spools for 5 dollars at Dick's Sporting goods a few months ago, a real lucky find.

  2. I use Fireline for my occasional bead weaving projects, too. I love it for all the reasons you stated.

  3. Agreed. I found Fireline after a few pieces using Nymo stretched and broke. One of favorites for my bead weaving projects too.


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