Sunday, December 8, 2013

Earring Challenge Reveal 23 - Weeks 47 & 48/52

Well we're rapidly heading towards the end of out year long challenge with just a couple more reveals to many earrings did you manage to make...?

This week I've chosen to highlight this lovely pair from fellow AJE team mate Kristi Bowman because I love the wintry feel - almost as though they're under ice...

Next I've chosen these cute earrings from S J Wentling which remind me of Christmas candy canes are great fun for the festive season...

I love this pair from Kathy Lindemer...they're just my colour and would definitely be go to earrings in my collection...

And finally, I couldn't resist these beauties from Jen Cameron - I think she's channeling Miley Cyrus with these bling encrusted beaded wrecking balls...! 

If you're blogging about our earrings don't forget to add your link below and hang on in there for the last few reveals.



  1. Thank you for including my earrings in this collection. It put a smile on my face. Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks for featuring my Blue Frost Earrings!!

  3. Love, LOVE those earrings by Kristi! Gorgeous!


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