Friday, December 13, 2013

Freeform Friday: the briolette wrap

I have escaped from the bench for a few minutes... I am down to the wire (accidental pun, but appreciated...) making presents for my sisters - which I will post about soon. Can't spoil a surprise, can I?

Last week my friend Marsha wrote a post over at Love My Art Jewelry and gave me a shout out. She had misplaced her mojo and came over for coffee and a work session in my studio. We made earrings with her new pod/rattle/droplets and her Muse returned... but I digress. I showed her my way of wrapping briolettes and the like. It worked for her pods and got me thinking...

I have shared this with many friends - why not here? Its only one way of many to address briolettes, but its my preferred method. I like a neat and tidy wire wrap. Maybe its the Virgo in me...

1. I like 24 gauge as many stone briolettes are very fragile. Leave yourself a good tail - 2" or so. 

2. bend the wires up as close to the stone... this is the danger zone. applying pressure to the fragile stone at the hole is tricky. Be gentle but firm... 

3. cross them over... 

4. And then bend each with your chain nose pliers to create a straight "spine" centered over the briolette itself. 

5. Treat the 2 wires as one - and create a wrapped loop... 

6. I keep the round nose pliers in the loop as I wrap. This keeps the 2 wires aligned, un smooched, neat and tidy... 

7. Wrap it up, snip, tuck ends as needed. 
I positioned these loops high above the stone as I wanted a visible wrap to add a little presence. If you like it closer in, adjust your loop at step #5. 

I looked around the table - and what did I spy? The super cool beaded doughnuts from team mate Kristen. Whoa. copper and ice blue for the win. 

I hope that was useful - may be simple to some and an "A-ha" moment to others - so enjoy! I would love to hear your take on briolettes!

Back to the studio, coffee in hand... 



  1. I will give this method a try. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am so glad I found this blog! I have been needing some new jewelry inspriation and I think I have found it. Thanks!

  3. Really pretty earrings, love those rings by Kristen and I'll be receiving some of my own soon. Your wrapping is so neat and tidy, I go for the messy wrapping myself but I can certainly use this technique and mess it up a bit lol.

    1. I will confess that the desire for need wrapping probably relates to my Virgo organize-it compulsions...

  4. Love the earrings! I wrap briolettes in several different ways and have done something similar, but not quite. When I use both wires, mine usually turn into a messy wrap! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like this idea, Jenny. It looks easier than what I've been doing. Going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have tried about 25 times to do matching briolettes. I'm going to give the double wire loo a go...this might just have been the Perfect Christmas present for me...thank you!

  7. I've tried to do this type of wrap so many times...always are wonky, never the same length...I actually gave up and sent my briolette gemstones to a friend. I'll try it with the double loop...this share might just be the Perfect Christmas present for me! Thank you so much! Blessings to you for a lovely holiday too!


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