Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In With The New!

Happy Christmas Eve!  In keeping with the theme of reviewing my work in 2013 and looking forward to 2014, I give you the following!

Lots of preparation goes into Bead Fest and then it's over like that!  This past Bead Fest, I offered several new options for my customers.

I had many sets of embossed beads - beads using brass presses to make an impression in the glass.

I offered cabochons this year as well; they can either be bezel set or stitched around.

I offered large focal beads; these ones are over an inch and a quarter.

 I made a lot of glass headpins on copper and steel wire.

 I made ruffle beads - if you purchased any, I'd love to see what you made with them!

 I made some buttons (although they did not sell).

And finally, I made ruffle discs, which were used as the May Component of the Month piece - you ladies did an awesome job with these!

What I'm looking toward in 2014 is to work with more mediums than just glass.  Taking a break from glass may make me realize that I want to get back to it (I'm already dreaming of a Carlisle Mini CC torch to get with my work bonus this year!). 

I got a start on my new goals a few months ago.  I purchased a tutorial from DatzKatz on etsy and got busy making beaded beads.  I love these, they are so much fun to make.  I had made the ones around a solid wood bead core before, and have a few tutorials for those as well, but these are quite fun!

I also did Sally Russick's Beading around a Cabochon challenge which I really loved!

At ArtBLISS, I took a Christine Damm class in polymer (my second class with her) and Stacy Florer's class in thin gauge metal and would like to continue working in these mediums as well.

What are your creative goals for the new year?  Do you want to work in new mediums?  Do you want to improve yourself in your current medium?  I hope that whatever goals you set for yourself, you see success and happiness in what you do!  Happy 2014!


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