Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tiny Bead Obsession!

In my last post, I showed off the very first bead embroidered piece I've made in several years.  After I finished that pendant, I found a matching pair of tiny stoneware cabochons.  Earrings happened!

I encountered several problems while making them.  I had to rip the thread out more times then I can count.  At first that really annoyed me but then I realized how much I learned from having to do some of the sections over and over again.
Since I made these earrings, I've completed another pendant and started on a third one.  I really want to make a big cuff bracelet though.  For the bracelet, I plan to use some of the techniques featured in Dimensional Bead Embroidery.
This is Jamie Cloud Eakin's second book.  It contains lots of wonderful techniques that I'm just drooling over! I can't wait to take the plunge and try more complicated work!

Happy Beading!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio


  1. Ilove that you are obsessing I have Jamies book and use many of her techniques

  2. This is the best bead embroidery book! Have fun playing with the different techniques.

  3. Excellent work on the earrings. I love the look of them!

  4. Love your earrings! I really need to try bead embroidery… it looks like so much fun!

  5. Beautiful earring Diana, I am glad that you are having fun with bead embroidery.


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