Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sharing the fun

You already know how much I love my little seed beads and how much fun they are to play with for me.  I have had so many ask me "How can you work with those tiny beads?" or tell me there is no way they could do it.  

In the last month a few of my friends and fellow AJE buds have been playing with seeds!!!  I am so excited to share them with you.  They have been playing with bezeling components. 

Here is what Jenny has been up to.

It only takes a start with a great component and.... is created.
I think she is addicted now!

Sue has been playing with both bezeling and beaded beads.
Doesn't she have an amazing eye for color

The texture of this has so much depth
I love the colors and that she explored another element of seed beading.

Diana has been inspired,

This is the first of Diana's embroidery in a while and I have to say I am really jealous that this one turned out as amazing as it did.  I would never show my first one!
I just want to play with this one!!!!
And she was so inspired by this month Art Bead Scene palette she created this one!
I love sharing my love of seeds and seeing what my friends create!!!  I hope you enjoyed the eyecandy!!!



  1. I love working with seed beads also. They do take more time. When making things like this. But Very rewarding. You and your friends keep enjoying God Bless. Beautiful work.

    1. It is beautiful work and thank you so much for saying so!!!!

  2. Ah ha me thinks we have some converts to the seed bead world! They all did great jobs on their bezels and beading. All are gorgeous!

  3. Wish I could do this, I think it's so cool. Even if my brain could my eyes couldn't!! Love them all!!!


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