Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Metal Retreat 2013!

There's something about the community of jewelry-makers that blows me away - their creativity, their generosity, their love of a good get-together. Metal Retreat 2013 kicked off yesterday and although most of us didn't know one another except through the internet, what started as a group of new acquaintances quickly turned into this:

Impromptu demos broke out spontaneously as people began creating - last night after dinner, several of us walked through bezel setting and roll printing. The creativity is amazing. (And did you recognize the smiley face in photo 3 above? It's AJE's own Kristi, who I am meeting in person for the very first time!)

Today we're starting work on challenge projects - we've been broken up into three teams and given a bag of components. Collaboratively, each team has to come up with and execute a design that reflects a combination of each team member's style. Here's my team's bag:

We think we have a direction to go in - I'll be sure to let you know what we come up with!

Until next time -


  1. Having a great time and so fun to meet my AJE partner in crime Francesca and all the other creative women.

  2. Sounds like so much fun!
    Kristi- it was great to meet you on Monday! Hope you are having a wonderful time! :)

    1. Was nice to meet you too Kelsy!! We are having a great time!!

  3. Looks like a pretty amazing experience! I'm a little jealous....


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