Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Inspirations: a work in progress

A few weeks back I shared some winter inspired color palettes with you and yesterday since I'm on shop break (no new bead making until January 1st), I pulled out those palettes and my beads, and started making things.

I had the right bead colors and some ideas for both palettes, but after trying a few different designs, I stuck with the Blue Spruces for my color theme:

And here's what I came up with… so far… it's a work in progress, and I expect it still has at least a few changes to go through before I finish.

My own little sleepy squirrel bead and green woodland rounds in polymer clay, along with red creek jasper, glass, wood, and some brass. I would like to get a bit more grey and white in too.

Little acorn charms! No, there were no acorns or oak trees in my palette, but when I decided to use the sleepy squirrel, I couldn't help but give him a couple acorns to snack on.

What have you all been working on these day? Have you finished any fabulous new jewelry designs? I'll bet many of you will be giving jewelry to friends and family in just a few a days! ;-)

Or maybe you're just too busy with all the Christmas preparations that making jewelry hasn't even made it on to your to-do list! I do love this time of year, but I'm beginning to long for things to slow down a bit!

Well, for me, the rest of this necklace will have to wait until after Christmas… I'll let you know how it goes… right now I have pies and cookies to bake!

Wishing you and your loved ones a most joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!



  1. Very cute design Rebekah. I just love your sleepy animals...

  2. This is so cute - I love the colours, beads - the whole theme! Simply gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful necklace the layered pendant and the bail construction. I been very preoccupied making beads this year so I'm hoping to get a few hours to make some jewellery over the holidays...maybe with some new toys. Have a lovely holiday.


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