Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eye Candy: Ceramic Beads

A brief Sunday stroll through some of 
my favorite ceramic and porcelain beads. 
Here's a brief sampling... enjoy!

Fern Heart Set by Mart C.
Buddha Head set by JeralunaDesigns
Soft Cream and Orange Pendant Set by Yolanda's Clay
Crusty Gears by Bird, Beads and Bones

Handmade Dimensional RAKU Flower Pendant by Lisa Peters Art 

Raku Clay Donut by M. Martinluk

Root Beer Porcelain Bead Set by Suburban Girls Beads

Ceramic Bead Set by Marla's Mud

Ceramic Crescent Pendants by Marsha Neal

Star Bead by Joan Miller Porcelain
Curved Leaf Bracelet Bar by White Clover Kilns

Modern Living Bead Set by Gaea
Labyrinth Pendants by Jenny Davies-Reazor


  1. Nice collection of ceramics to create with!

  2. Beautiful collection! So much detail. They are all wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these with us!!

  4. So many lovely beads ! Just looking at them has given me a lot of ideas and inspiration.


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