Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Earrings

Here's an easy little tutorial to make some cute winter earrings - you don't have to use the white shimmer beads, you can use any color, but white is very pretty and snowy!  All parts are from Fusion Beads except for the shimmer beads - those you can get from me!

2 snowflake charms
2 3inch headpins
4 rounded square silver beads
4 silver bead caps - any style
2 silver ear wires
2 white shimmer beads

Open the eye pin - insert the snowflake charm, and close the eye pin - repeat for both earrings.  String one rounded square, one bead cap, one shimmer bead, one bead cap, and one rounded square.  Make a wrapped loop.  Open the loop of the earring wire and insert the dangle.  Repeat for the other earring.  See, what a simple way to make a very pretty gift for someone else or yourself!


  1. These Earrings are so elegant looking. Perfect for the holiday season or any time. These would look amazing with jeans :-)

  2. These earrings are so beautiful...just perfect for Winter!

  3. These are darling and perfect for winter!


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