Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Dainty Beader strikes again.

I had posted this little tutorial back in April of last year.  I really do love making this rope and I have made several using twins and Czechmate triangle beads.

And now as you all know I love tiny little beads.  I can not stress enough that they are an addiction I do not think I will ever get over.  The smaller the better!  So I know I told you all about the Miniduo's which are a smaller version of a Superduo.  Well this tutorial works for them too!  All you do is substitute the Miniduo's for the twins and size 15/0's for the 11/0's.  Everything else is the same!  Here is a sample.

Here is the tutorial!

Start with 11/0 seed beads and coordinating twin beads.

Step 1 - Pick up an 11, a twin, 11 and twin.

Step 2 - go through all the beads and exit the first 11.

This is what it will look like

Step 3 - Pick up 3 11's and pass back through the starting 11. Go through the twin and the 11 on the opposite side.

Step 4 - Add 3 11's and pass through the twin and 11 on the opposite side.
go up through the next 2 11's.
Step 5 - Pick up an 11, a twin and an 11 and pass back through the starting 11.
Step 6 - Pass the needle through the top hole of the twin and pick up 2 11's.  Pass your needle through the 11 next to the twin added in the previous step and the twin.  It does get a little fiddly at this point but it will snug up. 
Pass the needle through the top 11 in the next section.
Step 7 - Pick up an 11 and a twin and pass through the side bead added in previous step and the starting 11 in this step.  Here is where it will all start to cinch together.
Without adding any beads pass through the top hole of the twin and the side bead of the first set of beads added in Step 5
As you pull the thread you will see how it comes together.

Step 8 - Pick up an 11 and pass through the side bead added in Step 7 , the twin , the 11 and exit the bead you just added.
This is how it will look.

Pass through the next twin, 11, twin and exit the 11.  This will strengthen the thread path.
Go back to step one and repeat all the steps again.

 So tell me what do you think of this?  How will you use it?  Don't forget to show me how you use it.


  1. Gorgeous work! The red necklace is my favourite.

    Claire xo
    Beads Jar UK

  2. Kristen, what a beautiful stitch, you make it look very easy, you could not imagine the tangle I would get into trying to do that!

  3. This rope is beautiful! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. No wonder you wear glasses!!!! Your work is beautiful. Great tutorial.

  5. This is so pretty - I tried it today. Just a small change - I think you actually go back to step three, not step one on the repeats.

  6. Thanx for sharing Kristen. I am going to give this one a try. I think that it looks great. I too love doing ropes.


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