Thursday, July 23, 2015

DIY Jewellery Display

Here on the Art Jewelry Elements blog, our team love to share their tutorials for creating beautiful jewellery. But what do you do with it while you’re not wearing it? It’s too pretty to be stuffed in a drawer or locked away in a box, so for my post today, I’m going to share a round up of my favourite DIY jewellery display ideas. All the pictures have a link below to the tutorial, so you can create some/all of these awesome designs for yourself.

First up, a bracelet display. This cone idea from the Artision blog would look equally fantastic on your dressing table, or can be used as a display at a craft fair. You can create a perfect match using plain or patterned paper to suit your room.

You can really let your creativity run wild with this great idea from blah-to-tada. Use bright colours and bold black lines to create a statement piece, or use subtle colours an pencil lines for something a little more subdued.

This pretty bottle display can hold any item of jewellery and takes minutes to make. I love decorative bottles and this is the perfect way to display them along with your treasured items.

These jewellery blocks are definitely going on my ‘things to do’ list. They are really simple, but brilliantly effective. The wood can be stained to match furniture, or painted to match your walls, either way, I think they’d look stunning draped with all of your favourite things!

If you’d like something free standing then you might like these copper pipe display stands from the Home Depot Community blog. They look really quick and simple to make and I would imagine that the copper will colour with age giving them an ever changing patina.

Design By Des shares a tutorial for these pretty free standing displays that can be customised with scrapbooking paper and paint. I think these would be also great in wallpaper to match your room. I think the cuff display is brilliant, but there is also a design for displaying necklaces.

If you have a ridiculous amount of jewellery to display, then go big with this handmade pallet bookcase with added hooks. I really love this one for the fact it has shelves as well, the whole thing would make a beautiful display of all of your treasured items and memories.

This clever earring display would make it easy to see and grab the perfect pair to match to your outfit and would only be a few pennies to make. If you have a million pairs of earrings, make it really long, or stack them one above the other.

And finally, for the young at heart, this cute animal hook display has a grown up feel, sprayed in a single colour. I would feel a bit mean sawing all those little creatures in half, but I think you’ll agree, the result is worth it for this fun and quirky display! (The instructions are in French, but there are good step by step photo's so you shouldn't have any trouble following along!)

So don’t hide your jewellery away, your creations are works of art and should be displayed for you to enjoy, even while you’re not wearing them!


  1. Great ideas, I love the animal one

  2. Wow! There are some great ideas here! Low cost and low maintenance also. Perfect!

  3. The cones for bracelets I have been making will work great! I also love the wires coming out of the bottles for necklaces. Both will be great new looks for for my upcoming fall shows. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thank you for this great post! I really have to get a plan in place because my jewelry is taking over, yet I feel like I just wear the same few pieces because they are the ones in view! These ideas are very doable and pretty.

  5. I have a couple of old bottles that I filled with rice, then inserted t-bars that had broken off old displays. I am totally going to make a couple of the copper pipe ones! Thanks for the inspiration!


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