Thursday, July 16, 2015

Packable Holiday Projects

The summer holiday season is well underway for many of us which means a lot awaited opportunity to get away from the daily routine and kick back for a while. Whilst I love my holidays I don't like the idea of being cut off from my creative pursuits for any length of time although for my next holiday I don't think this will be a problem as I'll be spending it visiting some of my AJE buddies in the USA - I'm sure they'll have something to keep me going!

Even when I go away for weekends though I like to take some sort of small project with me and the trick is to choose something that can be completed with small tools and not too much in the way of materials. If you're looking for something to take away with you here are a few ideas and tutorials that you could tuck away easily in your luggage...

A lovely boho necklace tutorial from Lorelei Eurto which would be perfect to both make and wear on your break...

 Cubed tutorial

Quick and easy earring tutorial from Jennifer Cameron 

 Easy earring tutorial

There are no end to the variations you could make with this memory wire cuff tutorial from Heather Powers...

 Memory wire cuff

Frosted leaf earring tutorial also from Heather Powers...

 Leaf earrings

I have something of a strained relationship with seed beads but even I might take a few away with me and attempt some of the cute little beaded beads in this tutorial from The Crimson Moon....

Beaded beads

Now this Silk Wrap Bracelet from Marsha Neal just has to be the perfect holiday project as it comes as a complete kit with everything you need to make 5 of them.

And they come in a huge range of colours too...

The cheery necklace in this tutorial from Erin Siegal just screams holidays to me...just think of the colour-ways you could make!

 Colour Me Happy

Diana Ptaszynski's mismatched earring tutorial will inspire all sorts of ideas for fun summer earrings...

 Mismatched Earrings

Button closure bracelet tutorial from Linda Landig on the AJE blog...

 Button closure bracelet 

Now this is one I really fancy having a go at using some of my ceramic beads - Knotted leather necklace tutorial from Curlymade.

 Knotted leather necklace

And finally a couple of my own tutorials for a goddess bracelet and flower tendril earrings which can be found on my blog The Gossiping Goddess...

 Goddess bracelet

 Flower tendril earrings

Happy holidays all!

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  1. I take my kumihimo projects when I go away. I even work on my kumi disk during intermission at the hockey games. I think we are addicted to creating.


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