Saturday, June 13, 2015

Beach Vacation Jewelry Designing

I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow with the boys on a much deserved trip to the beach!  Yay! Fun in the sun, or not, as the weather report seems fraught with clouds, rain and storms. (sad face)  As much as that seems like a downer, I don't really care.  If I can look at the waves, and hear them thunder to the shore and walk with sand (wet or dry) under my bare feet, I think I will be okay!

From our trip to the same beach a couple years back!
If you are like me,  when you go on a family trip, you need some creative things to keep your hands busy when you are bored or the rest of the fam wants to do something you are not particularly interested in.  What to bring, though?  Lately, my jewelry creation interests have been in the fabrication mode...soldering, enameling, metal clay and polymer clay firing. Can't bring the kiln, torch or toaster oven!  So, I usually resort to...beads and wire.

This trip I have decided to focus on some unfinished projects first...

My mixed-media pendants and metal clay pendant in various stages.
These are in various stages of completion...some just need a clasp, some need to have more links added, etc.  They have been in my "to do" pile long enough.

I also want to start a new "rosary" project.  I put quotations, because this will not be a traditional Catholic rosary in the sense that I am going to use my metal clay components, and I may or may not do the full 50 Aves with 6 Pater beads.  I guess we'll see.

My white copper components and gorgeous tiger-eye!
This is a perfect beach project for me, as all I need are wire, beads, pliers and a cutter.  How to pack it, though, so it doesn't take up much room and is all in one place?  I found these cool boxes at The Container Store ages ago and I like the flat, briefcase-like design.

Nice and flat, so it can stack in your suitcase.
Just add your materials, toss in your new favorite jewelry magazine for beach reading and for stabilization of the contents and you are all set!
I do have a couple of projects I wanted to get done before I leave...something new for me to wear!  My beach jewelry wear is usually very simple...just earrings, and maybe a bracelet or necklace at night.

I hoped to get a couple new pairs of earrings made for me...these are on my table right now:

Gorgeous stoneware by Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio, ceramic flowers by Joan Miller, and my favorite Czech glass beads.  Combinations to be decided and probably changed 20 times!
I would also like to create a beachy-themed bracelet with these gorgeous beads and maybe some Diana's starfish connector....I have been saving it! Don't Sue Kennedy's ridged lampwork beads fit with Diana's mix perfectly?

Yummy mix of beachy colors!
So, this is my rainy day beach plan!  Who knows, if we have wonderful weather, there may not be any free time to sit and do any of this, but at least I am prepared!  I'll try to follow-up and show any finished pieces next time!

How about you?  What kind of creative projects do you like to take with you on vacation?  We would love to know!!!!


  1. I love those beads you have lined up for earrings. Can't wait to see them!

  2. I always pack jewelry making with me too. UFO's, earrings and simple RAW are my go-to's.

  3. Rain or shine you are going to have so much fun! I like those carry containers. Love to see your beachy earrings and bracelet too!


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