Monday, June 15, 2015

UFO Challenge

I am surrounded by UFO's, and no I don't mean the flying kind, I mean the unfinished objects kind....

One of my most recent UFOs
I have been attempting to organise myself and quiet frankly even I am amazed at the amount of projects I have started and then placed in a draw to finish off at a later date aka completely forgotten about.
And it turns out that I am not the only one....

Linda's beautiful array of UFOs
I am hoping to start a couple of rather time consuming pieces very soon but I find that my mind and work space is so cluttered with half finished projects.

Melissa's drool worthy pile of Lovelies 
So here in the virtual head office of the Art Jewelry Elements team, I am issuing you all a challenge!

Another stunning piece on Melissa's to do list
Collect up your piles of half done work, those that you put into a draw and forgot about, the ones that you just could not find the right beads for or just lost interest in, the pieces you are not happy with and need to remake/rework, the works in progress....

My Own UFO box
(Yes, I have a whole box of UFOs, don't judge me, I may possibly suffer from Crafters Attention Deficit Disorder if there is such a thing)!

Jenny's majestic unfinished animals
Gather them all up, and get them finished (or be brave and rip them apart and start again if they really do not work) so that you can move on to the next project with a clear mind or more importantly a clear desk!
Join us in 4 weeks time for a linky party to show off your newly completed treasures.


  1. This sounds like fun. I have a few ufos Laying around

  2. Thanks for the reminder. That is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing before a show at the end of July. I keep getting distracted by all my new shiny things. LOL, thanks.

  3. My entire studio is built upon onion layer after onion layer of UFOs! I love this challenge and if I can find time to play I certainly will! Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. I missed my chance to post a picture but I will be joining in to finish some of my UFO's too.

  5. OMG, I thought I was the only one! I found a UFO tonight. Was supposed to have it done for my daughter for her birthday (that's tomorrow). It's not going to happen! Then I found a bag labeled "makeovers". I had totally forgotten it! I was mentally chastising myself for being so forgetful. Then I read this blog. You have saved me from the "old folks home"! LOL I'm IN..

  6. I can proudly admit that I don't have ny UFO except for one where I ran out of bead caps and haven't been able to find a match. Though I I do have to admit that it is because I am anal about finishing projects ( at least beading ones) because if I leave something half done, my muse won't come up with any new designs until I finish the one I am working on. So yeah, I am forced to finish. Works great on the weekends when I can spend a couple days in the studio but not so great when I only have an hour or so.


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