Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stepping out of my comfort zone just a bit.

There have been an abundance of amazing posts from our team so I was getting a bit nervous about keeping up with the high standards you are used to from us.  Funny thing is I have been worring about this measuring up thing in all aspects of my life and it is even getting on my own nerves.  No more of this and to really put a stamp on this I went out of my comfort zone with beading with the help of the new Beadwork magazine.

I saw this piece designed by Lanai Kinsky. frankly I have been wanting to combine beadwork and metal for a long time but if you know anything about my ventures into anything wire related you know this really tested me.

I knew instantly that I already had the focal key but not this type.  At Beadfest I was lucky enough to snag one of Jennifer's keys.  I have actually loved each and every one she has shown even when she said she didn't.

First test was to break the "bead ban" and get the supplies needed.  It was easier to say yes to these supplies because I do not own chain, links or clasps like these.  Waiting is the worst part when ordering beads isn't it?

After the findings arrived I had to get over the fear of using them.  I am someone who worries about every little edge on beads and if they will snag the thread and how many passes I will need to make to make it secure.

Working with Lanai's pattern was a bit of a challenge too.  Because of publication restraints there are key hints and tips that can not be included.  Once I figured them out on my own these components were a breeze to stitch up which was really good as I had the stomach bug while making it.  Only able to sit upright for long stretches.

Here is my finished piece.

So what did I learn?  First I like chain.  I will have to get more.  Second I really really like long necklaces.  I think they can dress up a plain t shirt and honestly they make me smile.

Have you ventured out of your comfort zone lately?


  1. This is a beautiful design, and yours turned out great with Jennifer's key.

  2. Such a beautiful piece I the colours you have chosen are fantastic, and I love the lampwork key!

  3. Kristen that is has a kind of soft gothic look and adds a whole new dimension to your lovely bead work I really hope you do more of this :)

  4. This is soooo beautiful. I hope you will make more lovelies that incorporate chain. Congrats for pushing yourself in a new direction.

  5. This turned out beautifully. Maybe someday I'll give beadwork a try.

  6. I'll never be able to try beadwork. You did a great job. this is a beautiful piece!


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